High-quality recording host S10000

High-quality recording host S10000Product Description:1. Based on the requirement of the stability of the recording and broadcasting equipment, the recording and broadcasting host shall be designed wi

High-quality recording host S10000

Product Description:

1. Based on the requirement of the stability of the recording and broadcasting equipment, the recording and broadcasting host shall be designed with embedded architecture rather than server and PC architecture. The height of the recording host should not exceed 1U.

★2, required to support many 10 1080P HD video input interface: SDI≥8, VGA≥1, HDMI≥1.

3, Support no less than 8 SDI 1080P60 HD video signal input, and each interface adaptive 3G-SDI/HD-SDI signal.

★4, support not less than 3 1080P60 video screen output at the same time, HDMI≥2, VGA≥1. HDMI must support both audio and video output.

5, audio interface: 1 LINE in, 1 MIC in, 2 LINE out using 3pin phoenix terminal interface; 1 channel 3.5mm earphone monitoring port.

★6, support no less than 6 groups of RS232 and 6 groups of RS485 interface, using RJ45 terminal.

★7, support 1 100 MB network interface, can be used at the same time, non-selective use of the interface.

8. Supports 4 USB2.0 interfaces and 1 USB3.0 interface.

9. Supports 1 group of DC-12V power output, which can supply power to peripheral devices such as LCD guide platform and recording control screen.

10, recording host hard disk storage capacity ≥1T.

11. In order to ensure the audio effect of video recording, reduce the ambient noise in the recording room, and ensure the normal heat dissipation of the host system, no fan heat dissipation design is required.

Function parameters:

1. Embedded design based on SoC embedded system, Linux embedded system, integrated hardware structure (not PC plus acquisition card architecture), easy to use and easy to maintain embedded system, compact structure, set recording, live broadcast, broadcast management, storage, video and audio coding functions in one;

2, to ensure the stability and reliability of the system, recording, live broadcast, broadcast management, storage, audio and video overlaying, seamless switching, coding and other functions must be integrated in a host, do not need to use the outsourcing of traditional PC/ workstation/server and install acquisition card (need to provide the internal structure of the host physical pictures);

3. Video input:

SDI supports 720P@50/60Hz: 1280×720; 1080 I @ 50/60 hz: 1920 x 1080; 1080 p @ 25/30/50/60 hz: 1920 x 1080.

VGA HDMI support 720P@50/60 Hz: 1280×720; VGA @ 60 Hz: 1024 x 768; 1024 x 768; WXGA @ 60 hz: 1280 x 800; An SXGA @ 60 hz: 1280 x 1024; 1080 p @ 50/60 hz: 1920 x 1080; 1366 x 768 @ 60 hz format;

4, Support the VGA/HDMI output of the broadcast signal, which can be connected with the campus closed-circuit TV system to watch live broadcast through the school TV;

5, recorded webcast and remote host push double functions, namely in the live webcast be pushed all the way to audio and video stream to the wide area network server, the user can directly through the browser on the campus network/man/wan receive watch, a good balance between the school and school of broadcast, and meet the needs of different network bandwidth users.

6. The resolution, code stream and code stream of the recorded video are independent of each other. During live broadcasting, different live resolution, code stream and display ratio (16:9 or 4:3) can be set according to the network situation; For example, when recording 1080P and 1080I, 720P HD network live broadcast or standard definition network live broadcast can be set, and the display resolution of live broadcast can be set at 16:9 or 4:3;

7. With single stream (movie mode plus resource mode) and multi-stream (resource mode) recording function, supporting single stream and multi-stream recording at the same time, the product can realize both single stream and multi-stream multi-screen recording function at the same time, movie mode and resource mode can work at the same time;

8. Make video recording according to the class schedule, which is more convenient for teachers to use;

9. Video streams can be recorded separately and saved in the host hard disk, which is convenient for the teacher to conduct non-editing, synthesis and other operations through the independent video files of each scene in the later stage;

10. Recorded video files are played by general mainstream players, and the format of recorded video files is MP4 standard;

11, suitable for embedded web playback mode, code stream: 48Kbps~20Mbps can be adjusted freely;

12. Form of live broadcasting: it supports live broadcasting on a single host or through a dedicated live broadcasting server;

13. The host can realize the recording function with one key, and supports automatic recording and manual recording modes;

14, Through the USB interface, can be directly connected to the keyboard and mouse for recording and broadcasting system operation; It can also be inserted into U disk or mobile hard disk, which supports copying teaching video files from the recording host disk to U disk or mobile hard disk.

15, Recording and broadcasting mode support automatic mode and manual broadcast mode (support keyboard controller operation), the two modes can be switched arbitrarily; Directing mode supports video preview, live output monitoring, video switching, audio adjustment, recording mode switching and other functions;

16, support screen intelligent switching technology; Support up to 40 switch effects;

17, Support single screen, picture in picture, multi-screen and other screen modes, 1/2/3/4/6 split screen (convenient for recording in different modes);

18, support local hard disk storage, local U disk storage, and support remote network storage;

19. Locally recorded courseware can be manually/automatically uploaded to the server;

20. The working temperature of the recording host in the working process is -10℃--80℃, and the working humidity is below 85%RH;


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