Embedded broadcasting system

Embedded broadcasting system V3.01. Embedded local broadcast guide system, built into the host. Directing operation is completely separated from PC (with mouse and keyboard can be operated, reaching t

Embedded broadcasting system V3.0

1. Embedded local broadcast guide system, built into the host. Directing operation is completely separated from PC (with mouse and keyboard can be operated, reaching the highest point of embedded pursuit);

2. Intelligent recording and broadcasting system supports automatic broadcasting and manual broadcasting modes;

3. The broadcasting platform integrates video monitoring, video switching, audio adjustment, live broadcasting/recording, pause control, special effects, LOGO school emblem and other functions (provide software screenshot printing and seal of the manufacturer);

4, support insertion of 1 calibration, support JPG, PNG, BMP format calibration;

5, Support PGM/PVM soft/hard switch;

6, text subtitle: support scrolling text subtitle;

7. Video effects: 40 kinds of switching effects;

8. Monitor all video information and select video information recorded or broadcast;

9, the maximum 6 channels of high-definition video acquisition, live/recording support dual resolution (can simultaneously support 1080P, 720P, D1 any two resolution combination), to avoid the network broadcast secondary transcoding caused by the loss of clarity. Compatible with standard definition, HD support 1080; Supports the picture superposition, splicing, seamless switch. Live/recording support single stream or multi-stream mode;

10, support automatic broadcast; Support intelligent screen switching technology. The scenario logic is defined in advance, and the corresponding parameters are set. The system can automatically switch intelligently between teacher panorama, teacher close-up, student close-up, student close-up, blackboard writing and teacher computer picture without manual intervention.

11, support dual graphics card output. Output lossless broadcast guide picture and PGM picture respectively;

12. The system has built-in curriculum, which supports the combination of automatic recording and manual recording according to the curriculum. After starting up, the system will automatically broadcast and record according to the initial setting mode;

13, support 6 channels of HD video real-time preview display, live output monitoring; Audio control adjustment; Video overlay and composition function;

14. Real-time monitoring screen can realize full-screen mode;

15. The system supports the function of equipment management, which can arbitrarily schedule front-end video collection and recording, and make reasonable deployment according to the application scene to achieve reasonable utilization of resources;

16, support cross-network segment, WAN live broadcast and on-demand, support multicast, unicast; Support automatic disconnection and reconnection function during live broadcasting;

17, live broadcast delay: less than 300 milliseconds (test bandwidth 10Mbps);

18, head control, head speed control, variable control, variable speed control, tracking speed, special effect duration setting/digital display, shortcut button operation, T-shaped push rod selection of camera position, intelligent/humanized function state indication and other functions in one;


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