Comapany Profile

Guangzhou Yuesai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a professional electronic equipment (audio and video system equipment) organization integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, brand promotion and system service. Its subsidiaries include EN-PA, DIBAI, HIWEI, YUESAI, HUSANPA and other sub-brands. Yuesai International has the following departments: International Trade Department, Domestic Trade Department, Advertising Department, Marketing Department, Logistics Department, Administration Department, After-sales Service Department, R&D Center, Financial Settlement Center, Manufacturing Center and so on.

Yuesai International has been committed to the line of high-end product quality, in good faith, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to explore, and continuous innovation of the development belief, has made one after another remarkable achievements. Now throughout the Yuesai electronic products, no matter from the appearance style, internal structure, technical performance, production process and price positioning and other aspects of the implementation of a real principle, not only the pursuit of luxury and ultra-high technical indicators, but also more focused on the product cost performance.

Yuesai International has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, EC CE certification, China National Compulsory Product (3C) certification and other international and domestic certification.

Now, the products of Yuesai are sold to many countries or regions in the world, and we have established a number of distribution agency service outlets at all levels in various provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions in China. We are well received by customers at home and abroad for our "excellent quality, advanced technology and sincere service". In today's competition and opportunities coexist, yuesai electronics will continue to follow the "professional, technology, quality, service" business road, continuous innovation, continuous optimization, and constantly expand domestic and foreign market sales, through the promotion of scale to drive the efficiency of enterprises, for the development of China's electronic industry to contribute their own strength.

Enterprise is a rigorous dynamic organization, vitality comes from order, challenge and innovation. Our every step, every action, are in accordance with the constantly changing market and user needs and measurement of the body. We are devoted to explore, continue to pursue, with the current international popular service concept, is committed to improving and comprehensively enhance the customer-oriented brand promotion and many products OEM/ODM system services.


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