Resource management platform server V2.0

Resource management platform server V2.0Support HTML5 based on VOD and live streaming services, no need to download and install VOD or live streaming client, users can directly in the browser VOD or w

Resource management platform server V2.0

Support HTML5 based on VOD and live streaming services, no need to download and install VOD or live streaming client, users can directly in the browser VOD or watch live streaming.

Platform for B/S architecture, based on Web technology development, directly with browser access, support mainstream browsers.

Support PC, mobile phone or tablet video on demand and live streaming.

Support user registration, add user, audit user, management user functions.

Support the user role management definition, support to the user role group management, support to add, modify, delete functions.

User authentication, assign corresponding operation and access control rights to the user.

Support courseware collection function, users can collect their favorite albums, live broadcast, on demand.

Live class is supported. Teachers can live stream the class on the platform and watch it in real time. After the end of the platform live broadcast, on-demand courses can be generated directly with one button.

Support front-end recording and broadcasting system to automatically upload to the platform to generate VOD resources after stopping recording and broadcasting, and realize automatic VOD courseware.

Support courseware review, the platform has courseware review mechanism.

It supports the management of recording and broadcasting devices, and does not limit the number of recording and broadcasting devices. For the connected devices, it can be fully integrated into the platform, recording and broadcasting seamlessly, live broadcasting, and real-time status display.

Teacher style display, support to display excellent lecturers' personal introduction, courses and other information, convenient for users to understand and learn the courses of excellent teachers.

Support course comments, by watching the user to live, on demand, the album to post text comments.

Personal space is supported. The platform provides personal space for each user, and the corresponding personal space is automatically generated after the user creates it. User types support ordinary user, teacher user, administrator user.

Support on demand file classification management, courseware resources can be classified according to the subject, grade and so on.

Support class patrol, you can real-time view all online recording classroom teaching scenes.

Support the schedule management, can realize the teacher schedule, class schedule management. The class schedule can be formulated uniformly, the starting and ending time of the class schedule can be selected, and the class booking form can be generated.

According to the schedule time, the teacher or the administrator chooses the classroom, the teacher, the grade, the subject, and automatically generates the weekly schedule.


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