Wireless Conference System Host


Wireless Conference System Host (Extensible Video Tracking) DH-9300

The main panel adopts metal spraying technology, with multi-channel microphone volume knob and 3 function keys, the appearance design is novel and high-grade, highlighting the sense of high-tech

The line and shell are strengthened with the ground wire connection, to ensure that the anti-static 8000V capacity, in line with GB/T17618-1998 national standard

Adopts FM frequency to transmit audio, with high reduction circuit and anti-noise design, coupled with the use of new anti-noise single point high sensitivity capacitive microphone, so that the meeting sound quality to achieve high fidelity restoration

The new concept of anti-electromagnetic interference circuit design, eliminate mobile phone and other electronic products electromagnetic interference

The control and the audio signal all adopt the wireless high frequency signal communication, avoids the arrangement microphone cable, the installation is simple and convenient and flexible

High fresh LCD display, menu grading design, simple and convenient operation. And there are many such as power display and under-voltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication and other functions.

The host has 16 control channels, the chairman and the representative stagger the audio channel, and each has 100 audio channels adjustable, to solve the possibility of high-density overlap wave, harmonic interference, can use 16 sets of systems.

Each system can support one President and 300 representatives, and the number of speakers is one President and four representatives.

The host system is based on the combination of stable and reliable PLL phase-locked loop circuit, wireless transmission digital control circuit and analog audio transmission. Through the host system, speakers can be set up such functions as chairman exclusive, chairman open, limited speech, FIFO and so on.

Digital control technology, microphone only takes up 5 frequency points, avoid the occurrence of crosstalk frequency phenomenon. It solves the problem that the traditional one-to-four-UHF wireless conference cannot solve the problem that multiple wireless conference microphones are used at the same time in the same occasion.

Can cooperate with the video tracking host, mutual communication to achieve video tracking function.

RF effective communication distance: indoor 50 meters, outdoor 90 meters.

Operating voltage: DC12V

Power consumed: < 7.2 W.

Operating temperature: -9℃ -- 40℃

Size of main control machine (W×H×D) : 483mm×353mmx99mm

Weight of main control machine: 7.0kg

Audio signal

Transmission mode: UHF wireless mode (one-way)

Channels: 5

Transmission frequency band: UHF512-945MHz

Demodulation mode: FM

Sensitivity: -90dBm

Control signal

Transmission mode: UHF wireless mode (two-way)

Channels: 16

Transmission frequency band: UHF423-436MHz

Modulation mode: FSK

Sensitivity: -90dBm

Radiated power: ≦+7dBm

Frequency deviation: lt; 0.003

Data rate: 110KBPS


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