Wireless conference system host

无线会议系统主机 DH-9000系统采用数字与模拟电路结合,高保真线路设计,可产生高音质CD声音效果。在同一环境下最多同时使用20套系统,每套系统可支持199个代表或一个主席加198个代表。具有先进先出、主席专用、限制发言、限时发言功能、具有一键关机功能,最多允许4个单元同时发言。将三支天线分别安装在背面板的天线连接座上,并将天线拉到于垂直线成45度角的位置。可连接不平行混合输出插座:同时输出A通

Wireless conference system host DH-9000

The system adopts the combination of digital and analog circuit, high fidelity circuit design, can produce high quality CD sound effect.

A maximum of 20 systems can be used simultaneously in the same environment, with each system supporting 199 delegates or one chair plus 198 delegates.

With first-in, first-out, chairman only, limited speech, limited speech function, with a button off function, allowing up to 4 units to speak at the same time.

Install the three antennas on the antenna connecting pegs on the back plate, and pull the antennas to a 45 degree Angle on the vertical line.

It can be connected to non-parallel mixed output socket: simultaneously output channel A and channel B audio signals.

In order to obtain good receiving effect, the receiver must be installed more than 1 meter above the ground, the distance between the transmitter and the receiving antenna is more than 2 meters, and the distance between the wall surface is more than 1 meter.

Keep the antenna away from interference sources, such as computer equipment, digital equipment, television, etc., as well as away from large metal objects.

Before opening the representative unit, make sure the volume of the power amplifier and mixer is set to the minimum.

The control antenna C and the audio antenna AB can not be mixed. Working distance of 60 m range.                                                                                             Carrier band UHF520-950MHz

Modulation mode FM

Working effective distance 60 meters

Oscillation mode PLL phase locking frequency synthesis

Sensitivity at offset equal to 25kHz, input 6dBV, S/N> 60Db

The bandwidth is 30MHz

Maximum offset is ±45 kHz

Integrated S/N ratio > 105dB

Comprehensive T.H.D @ 1 KHZ & lt; 0.7%

Comprehensive frequency response 45Hz-18KHz±1dB

The power supply DC12V ~ 16 v

Weight is 4.3 kg

Size 470 x320x90mm

Output socket XLR parallel and 6.3 non-parallel socket


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