Wireless conference desktop Micphone

无线会议单元 DH-9000A/B麦克风音头:拾取发言者的声音输入至系统进行放大。麦克风发光圈:指示麦克风的工作状况,亮时麦克风已打开。话筒状态显示窗口。优先权开关:按一下此开关可关闭所有代表麦克风麦克风开关按键/通道转换数字按键电源开关/通道转换确认按键

Wireless conference desktop Micphone DH-9000A/B

Microphone head: pick up the speaker's voice input to the system for amplification.

Microphone luminous circle: indicates the working status of the microphone. When it is on, the microphone is turned on.

Microphone status display window.

Priority switch: press this switch to turn off all representative microphones

Microphone switch button/channel switch digital button

The power switch/channel conversion confirm button Carrier frequency UHF520-950 MHZ

Oscillation mode PLL phase locking frequency synthesis

Harmonic radiation < -65dBm

The bandwidth is 30MHz

Maximum offset is ±45 kHz

Capacitive head, single directivity

The RF power output is 15MW

* 2 AA battery

Current Consumption < 160mA

Continuous working time is about 7 hours

Size (MM) 164mm*56.5mm*147mm

Weight is 0.75 kg


Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00