One drag four wireless speech microphone

一拖四无线演讲话筒 A-200-W产品描述:内置大振膜电容式拾音头,超远的拾音距离,高拾音灵敏度,出色的音质,使您的讲话或者唱歌都能轻松自如。23级电子音量控制,简约搭配具备先进的数字ID导频功能,彻底杜绝干扰和窜频现象200组可选频点、话筒通用,抗干扰能力强设有回输啸叫抑制减弱功能,能有效减少回输啸叫数控雕刻高档工艺铝合金底,稳重大方。上下伸缩360度左右调节支架,满足演讲者站立或者就座演讲。可

One drag four wireless speech microphone A-200-W

Product Description:

Built-in large diaphragm capacitive sound pick up head, far distance, high sensitivity, excellent sound quality, so that you can speak or sing easily.

23 electronic volume control, simple match

With advanced digital ID pilot function, completely eliminate interference and frequency channeling phenomenon

200 groups of optional frequency points, universal microphone, strong anti-interference ability

It is equipped with the function of inhibiting and weakening the back loss roar, which can effectively reduce the back loss roar

CNC engraving high-grade aluminum alloy bottom, stable and generous. Up and down and 360 degrees to adjust the bracket, to meet the speaker standing or sitting speech.

2 to 6 microphones can be used simultaneously.

Technical parameters:

Frequency range: 500-900MHz

Modulation mode: FM

Adjustable range: 50MHz

Number of channels: 200

Channel interval: 250 kHz

Frequency stability: within ±0.005%

Dynamic range: >; 105dB

Maximum frequency offset: ±45 kHz

Audio response: 40Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

Integrated SNR: > 110dB

Combined distortion: ≤0.2%

Operating temperature: -25℃--+40℃


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