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一拖八无线麦克风 DL-880功能特点:●采用UHF超高频段,比传统的VHF频段干扰更少,传输更可靠;●PLL数字锁相环多信道频率合成技术,在50MHZ频率范围内,以250KHZ信道间隔,提供多达200个信道选择,方便多套机器同时使用,轻松避开各类干扰;●先进的自动对频技术,即使将发射机与接收机的频率调乱了, 只需轻轻一按,发射机就会自动追锁频率并调整一致,使用方便;●高档液晶显示屏,使接收机及发

1 drag 8  Wireless Microphone DL-880

Functional features:

● UHF ultra-high frequency band, less interference than the traditional VHF frequency band, more reliable transmission;

●PLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology, in the 50MHz frequency range, at 250KHz channel interval, provide up to 200 channel choices, convenient for multiple machines to use at the same time, easily avoid all kinds of interference;

● Advanced automatic frequency control technology, even if the transmitter and receiver frequency is messed up, just click, the transmitter will automatically lock the frequency and adjust the same, easy to use;

● High-grade LCD screen, so that the receiver and transmitter working state at a glance;

● Wireless conference launching system, using two AA batteries, using high alkaline battery can be used for a long time (high power 10 hours, low power 14 hours). If you use rechargeable batteries, the service time will be reduced.

● The widest use range is more than 100 meters, and the ideal use range is 60 meters.

● Conference transmitter with mute function

● Digital ID identification technology to ensure that communication does not interfere with each other

● Unique digital encryption technology, there is no longer off-site monitoring or eavesdropping trouble

Receiver parameters:

Oscillation mode: phase locked loop frequency synthesis

Frequency range: UHF520MHz-950MHz

Frequency stability: ±0.001%

Modulation mode: FM

SNR: > 60dB

Distortion: & lt; 0.5% @ 1 KHZ

Receiving sensitivity: 1.2/ UV@S /N=12dB

Power supply: DC 12V-17V

Audio output: independent 0-400mV

Mixed 0-300 mv

Emitter parameters:

Power supply: DC 4.5V(1.5V AA×3)

Microphone power consumption: 100mA

Carrier frequency: UHF 520MHz-950MHz

Frequency stability: ±0.001%

Maximum frequency offset: ± 30kHz

SNR: > 60dB

Neighbor frequency interference ratio: > 80dB

Dynamic range: ≥100dB

Type: Capacitive

Polarity mode: single directivity

Frequency response: 40Hz-20KHz

Microphone sensitivity: -43±3dB@1KHz


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