Software System (DISK)


Software System EV-9000

The software is the operating core of the whole system, supporting the operation of the broadcast terminal within the system, the basic parameter configuration of the broadcast terminal, responsible for audio streaming VOD service, planning task processing, terminal management and authority management and other functions;

2. Support TTS text to voice broadcast, can directly convert the text into audio files, through the software to achieve the terminal playback, can be directly input files and instantly converted into voice for global broadcast or any partition broadcast;

3. Support full duplex voice data exchange with VoIP voice platform, and realize real-time voice call between intercom terminal and telephone, each call and call are written into the log record;

4. Support up to 1000 unicast tasks or program transmission, support multiple servers distributed distribution and server cluster;

5. Support custom terminal name, unlimited grouping, unlimited timing task, unlimited timing grouping, support unlimited audio acquisition and playback, timing playback, one-button calling and playback;

6. Support multi-user, any level of sub-control management, support unlimited monitoring terminal, multi-task real-time monitoring, support unlimited environmental monitoring function, program library support unlimited files and folder management;

7. Support the task of regular offline broadcast of programs, support remote manual, intelligent control of terminal power supply;

8. Support all-day unattended work, support power data protection, support automatic discovery of bound terminals;

9. Support any single, group call, music playback, timer ringing function, support remote wireless remote control, and support intelligent combination of keys;

10. Support the system without login, logout from the startup function, does not affect the timing of the bell and other functions, support background recording, support remote storage;

11. Support the whole region, partition fire linkage, support fire N±N mode, support manual alarm and digital alarm mixing;

12. Support unified management of terminal login password, and support authorization scope management, 10 priority management;

13. Support a variety of call strategies, including call waiting, call forwarding, and no-answer reminder;

14. The system is compatible with any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Intelnet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc.

15. Manage program library resources, provide media services of scheduled broadcast and real-time on-demand for all terminals, respond to program broadcast requests of each terminal, and provide data interface services for audio workstations;

16. Support mobile WiFi on-demand, support arbitrary selection of playback terminal;

17. The software supports the embedded development of third-party platforms, provides the standard MFC dynamic link library, and realizes the integration with other system platforms (such as building visitor system, surveillance video system, etc.);

18. Support PSTN broadcast, built-in humanized Chinese voice, support mobile phone, landline, PHS, remote telephone broadcast, compatible with global telecommunications system access;

19. Support SMS voice broadcast, support mobile or linkage of the designated number or public number information sending;

20. Support task management, session management, hardware management, user management, authorization management, media management, network adaptive management;

21.Windows service mode, support Win98 ~ Win10 and other system platforms, built-in 7 system services, and support system watchdog;

22.IP network software encryption equipment, software registration using confidential encryption, using dongle registration;


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