​Pro Audio speaker SM-802

返听音箱 SM-802特点:SM-802是Jmei研发团队针对各不同场所而进行设计的三角形箱体不但减少声驻波,而且款式新颖。在设计过程中充分考虑了座位主扬声器,舞台监听,流动演出,固定安装等,不同使用方式的安装特点。SM-802箱体采用15mm多层夹板3,表面用黑色环保耐磨水性油漆。声音清晰,层次分明。人声还原性高,低频丰满而弹性十足。适合舞台监听,慢摇吧,KTV等场所。技术参数:型号:SM-80

Pro Audio speaker SM-802

Features: SM-802 is a triangular box designed by JMEI R&D team for different locations, which not only reduces the acoustic standing wave, but also has a novel style. In the design process, the main speaker of the seat, stage monitoring, mobile performance, fixed installation, etc., the installation characteristics of different use modes are fully considered.

The SM-802 box is made of 15mm multilayer plywood 3, and the surface is made of black environmental protection and wear resistant waterborne paint.

The voice is clear and layered.

The human voice reducibility is high, the low frequency is plump and the elasticity is full. Suitable for stage monitoring, slow rocking bar, KTV and other places.

Technical parameters:

Model: SM - 802

Frequency response: 45Hz-18KHz 55 cores, 44 cores,

Drive: LF8 "*2, HF: 1" *1

Ω impedance: 4

Sensitivity: 98dB

Power: 300 w

Size: 680 * 580 * 250 mm


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