Power Timer (with key for central control)

电源时序器(带按键可接中控)1. 8路电源时序开关 2. 每路电源面板上单独控制开/关 3. 面板按键锁定 4. 液晶显示屏电压显示 5. Rs232、Rs485连接中控

Power Timer (with key for central control)

1. 8-way power timing switch

2. Separate on/off control on each power panel

3. Panel key lock

4. LCD voltage display

5. RS232, RS485 connection central control

6. Multiple machines of this type are cascaded

7. External extension cord can be connected to the cabinet for control

According to the actual application of the manufacturer, the product shall meet the following requirements:

> > adopts double panel +SMT surface patch process,

> > 30A high current relay

> > 13A high-precision phosphor copper output universal socket to ensure high quality products.

> > 8 channels of power timing control, each channel delay 1 second

> > incoming line adopts the national standard 4 square RVV soft cable with CCC certification

> > built-in transformer input voltage range (180V-250V)

> > with digital LED voltage indicator head.

> > machine each output configuration separate control switch.

> > panel material: Black aluminum panel.

> > machine with external switch control and multi-machine cascade.

> > machine equipped with RS232,RS485 can be connected to the central control.


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