Feedback suppressor

反馈抑制器 AFS224双通道高级反馈抑制器:DBX的高级反馈抑制技术(AFS)每通道具有24个可编程的滤波器,立体声或独立的双通道处理可选择的滤波器脱开时间,滤波器应用的类型包括:语言滤波器,低、中、高,三段音乐滤波器,输入通道测量表,每通道24段滤波器测量表,电子平衡的输入和输出端口XLR和TRS,让用户尽可能完善地消除声反馈采样率: 48KHz动态范围: >109dB,A计权;>

Feedback suppressor AFS224

Dual channel advanced feedback suppressor:

Advanced Feedback Suppression Technology (AFS) for DBX

Each channel has 24 programmable filters,

Stereo or stand-alone dual channel processing

Optional filter disconnect time,

The types of filter applications include: language filter, low, medium and high, three-segment music filter, input channel meter, each channel 24-segment filter meter,

Electronically balanced input and output ports XLR and TRS allow users to eliminate acoustic feedback as well as possible

Sampling rate: 48kHz Dynamic range: >; 109dB, A weight; > 106dB without right; 22 KHZ bandwidth

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: Typical 0.003%, Output Level +4dBu,1KHz

Frequency response characteristics: 20Hz-20KHz,±0.5dB

Cross-channel voice: typical value > 80dB

Output crossover voice: typical value >; 80dB

Power supply voltage: AC 50/60Hz, 100V; 120V, 60Hz and 230V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 9W

Safety certification: UL 6500, IEC 60065, EN 55013, E 60065 The key features of the AFS224 are the operation module of the fixed and active filters and the filter release capability.

The operation module of the active filter provides operational flexibility to continuously update the filter position.

The automatic release feature of the filter is to optimize the sound by automatically eliminating the filters that are not in use in turn.


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