8 in and 8 out audio processor

8进8出音频处理器 MAP0808M产品简介:★8路模拟音频输入8路模拟音频输出,支持麦克风输入和线路输入自由切换★4路dante网络音频可选★带AEC回声消除功能和ANC噪声消除功能可选,适用于互动录播远程会议场合★每路麦克风输入带9级灵敏度调节★每路输入带48V幻相电源开关★每路输入带反馈抑制功能开关,两档调节★带AUTOMIX自动混音和矩阵混音功能★输入31段PEQ可调,输出10段PEQ可调

8 in and 8 out audio processor MAP0808M

Product Description:

8 analog audio input 8 analog audio output, support microphone input and line input free switch

★4 channels DANTE network audio optional

★ AEC echo cancellation function and ANC noise cancellation function are optional, suitable for interactive recording and teleconference occasions

Each microphone input with 9 levels of sensitivity adjustment

★ Each input with 48V magic power switch

★ Each input with feedback suppression function switch, two speed adjustment

★ With AUTOMIX automatic mixing and matrix mixing function

★ 31 PEQ input adjustable, 10 PEQ output adjustable

★ With video tracking control function, support most of the domestic and foreign camera control protocols

★USB drive free automatic connection software, in addition to support RS232 control

★ Support mobile APP TCON software network control

★ Support touch screen line control

Technical parameters:

1. DSP chip:

Signal processing: 32-bit fixed DSP 300MHz

Audio system latency: lt; 1ms

Digital to analog conversion :24-bit

2. Analog audio input and output:

Input channel: 8 balanced input. Mic/line level

Audio interface: 3.81mm Phoenix plug, 12-pin

Input impedance: 11.5KΩ

Maximum input level: 12dBu/Line, -7dBu/Mic

Phantom Power: +48VDC, 6.5mA, per channel configuration

Output channel: 8 balanced output, line level

Output impedance: 150Ω

3. Audio indicators:

Frequency response curve: 20Hz-20kHz(+-0.5dB)/ LINE

20 hz - 20 KHZ (+ 1.5 dB)/Mic

THD + N: - 90 db (@ 12 is A 1 KHZ, A - wt)/Line


Signal-to-noise ratio: 105dB(@12dBu,1kHz, a-wt)/Line


4. Connection and display:

USB: Micro-B type, no drive

RS232: Serial Port Communication

TCP/IP port: RJ-45

Indicator light: POWER, LINK, +48V, I/O audio signal

5. Electrical and physical parameters

Power supply range: AC100V-- 240V 50/60 Hz

Size: 44 mmx483mmx210mm

Net weight: 2.8 kg

Operating temperature: -20℃--80℃


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