IP Network controlling server

网络广播工控服务器 EV-90011.工业级机柜式机箱设计,机箱采用钢结构,有较高的防磁、防尘、防冲击的能力;2.≥15英寸LED液晶显示屏,内置工业触摸屏,简单易用的触摸屏操控;3.工业级专用主板设计,双核四线程超低功耗的嵌入式工业级处理器,处理速度更快,运作性能更强,可以长时期不断电稳定工作;4.内置大容量硬盘,具有抗震动.抗摔.读写速度快.功耗低等特点;5.可对网络终端进行独立分区.

IP Network  controlling server EV-9001

1. Industrial cabinet type chassis design, the chassis is made of steel structure, with high anti-magnetic, dustproof, anti-impact ability;

2.≥15 inch LED LCD screen, built-in industrial touch screen, easy to use touch screen control;

3. Industrial-grade dedicated motherboard design, dual-core four-thread embedded industrial-grade processor with ultra-low power consumption, faster processing speed, stronger operation performance, can work continuously for a long time;

4. Built-in large capacity hard disk, with anti-vibration. Fall resistant. Fast reading and writing speed. Low power consumption characteristics;

5. The network terminal can be partitioned independently. IP. Volume control, terminal equipment state at a glance;

6. Sound card: integrated 8-channel sound card, support 2/4/5.1/7.1 sound output, ultra-high fidelity audio;

7. Support ≥4 channel sound card, support dual graphics card, can be connected to the maximum FullHD display equipment;

8. With backup function, adding spare IPC can realize server software data sharing, real-time detection of the working state of the main IPC, and achieve automatic fault switching, which can completely replace the management and control function of the main IPC;

9. Support DHCP and compatible with routers. Switches. Bridge gateway. Modem. The Intelnet. 2 g. 3 g. 4 g. multicast. Unicast and other arbitrary network structure;

10. ApacheWeb server, powerful, support multi-user access at the same time;

11. Support standard streaming media format, can connect to general computer player and network radio;

12. The system management and control center is formed after the delivery of server software; The server software uses the background system service to run, which is the standard enterprise server working mode. The system can run automatically after starting up. Compared with the software running at the front of the interface, it has higher stability and reliability.

13. Expand and add the spare IPC to realize the data sharing of server software, the spare IPC can monitor the working state of the main IPC in real time, and realize the automatic switch of main and standby fault, which can completely replace the management and control function of the main IPC;

14. Integrated push-pull keyboard and touch mouse emergency microphone paging interface;

15, system audio signal distortion: 1KHz< 0.5%;

16. Standard input level of system audio signal: LINE: 300mV; MIC: 5 mv

17, the system audio signal standard output level: 0dBV

18. Power consumption: AC ~ 220V/ 50HZ /300W

19, Hard disk/memory /CPU: Solid state disk: 120G/memory: 4G Max support 32GB /CPU: Intel J1900, I3, I5, I7

20, product size: 320*320*485mm


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