5G cloud broadcast terminal

I5G云广播应用终端 EV-9012系统概述5G无线网络广播系统使用了先进的语音压缩技术,可以在有线网络,也可以 2G/3G/4G/5G无线网络下进行语音压缩的传输,使用的流量较低,可以指定一个喇叭广播语音,也可以对管理的所有喇叭广播语音。采用5G无线传输,信号清晰稳定,不受雨雾天气影响,与传统无线调频广播相比,信号更稳定清晰、布线更容易、无需广电频道、无需基站天线等。适合于全国范围内的山区、公

5G cloud broadcast terminal EV-9012

System overview

5G wireless network broadcast system uses advanced voice compression technology, can be in the wired network, can also be 2G/3G/4G/5G wireless network for voice compression transmission, the use of low flow, you can specify a speaker broadcast voice, can also be on all the management of the speaker broadcast voice.

Adopt 5G wireless transmission, clear and stable signal, not affected by rain and fog weather, compared with the traditional wireless FM radio, signal is more stable and clear, easier wiring, no radio and television channels, no base station antenna, etc.

It is suitable for mountainous areas, highways, streets, forests, docks, villages and other areas that cannot be wired.

Product overview

1, equipment integration decoding, power amplifier, 4G network in one, outdoor waterproof and dustproof, as long as a flow card, support the whole network.

2, Standard 2*100W, 2*200W D class digital power amplifier, sound quality up to CD level.

3. It is equipped with 100M Ethernet port and 300M WIFI wireless interface, which is convenient for setting and debugging.

4, with volume adjustment knob, adjust the volume of the system, and through the network broadcast software to adjust the volume of any.

5, support network real-time playback, timing playback, support to be paged, can receive control room broadcast.

6. Dual 4G antennas are installed to ensure smooth and worryfree network.

7. With ICMP detection and hardware watchdog design, it can automatically reconnect when disconnecting to ensure the equipment is always online.

8, Industrial standard design, through the electromagnetic compatibility EMC test, stable and reliable.

9. TCP/IP network protocol is used as a communication protocol to connect and communicate with the broadcast server.

10. Support Web configuration, convenient and simple management, and support remote cloud management.

11, a variety of Internet access: 3G/4G/5G Internet access, wired Internet access, wireless Internet access, bridge, relay, WISP, intelligent backup mode.

12. Multi-working mode, APN automatic detection and APN customization, VPN function, network protection mechanism, automatic restart, access control, firewall, DDNS, UPNP, port mapping and WOL remote boot.


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