IP network control System

IP网络分体式控制面 EV-9202产品特点1、单键求助对讲面板,实现一键对讲功能,一键完成全双工双向对讲,操作简单快捷2、适用安装在ATM机旁、银行金库门等处产品概述:1、单键IP网络对讲面板,一键完成全双工双向对讲求助,操作简单快捷2、产品坚固耐用,采用高档铝拉丝面板,可嵌入墙壁或明装,带防刺戮保护装置和防拆报警功能3、具有RJ45接口进行通信和传输,施工调试方便快捷4、多个面板通用手拉手连

IP network control System EV-9202

Product features

1. Single-key intercom panel for help, achieve one-key intercom function, one-key to complete full duplex two-way intercom, simple and quick operation

2, suitable for installation beside ATM, bank vault door, etc

Product Overview:

1, Single key IP network intercom panel, one key to complete the full duplex two-way intercom for help, simple and quick operation

2. The product is sturdy and durable, using high-grade aluminum brushed panel, which can be embedded into walls or installed in the open, with stable-proof protection device and anti-demolition alarm function

3, With RJ45 interface for communication and transmission, construction and debugging is convenient and fast

4. Multiple panels are connected hand in hand, with a maximum of 8 panels extended, and the maximum distance is 1200 meters

5, Built-in high sensitivity microphone, realize the intercom pick up voice and the collection and monitoring of the field voice, support hands-free call

6. Built-in 5W loudspeaker for intercom monitoring


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