One-click help terminal

一键求助终端 EV-9101产品特点:1、壁挂式IP网络求助对讲终端,一键完成全双工双向对讲,操作简单快捷;2、安装在室内环境,防爆防拆;适用于安装在银行、监狱、值班室等处。产品概述:1、高档氧化铝拉丝面板,可嵌入式安装又可明装(标配有底盒)2、一键实现与目标终端(可以服务器软件中指定)实现全双工双向对讲3、内置高灵敏度麦克风,声音采集区域广采集距离远、音色还原度高4、内置扬声器,支持兔提通话

One-click help terminal EV-9101

Product features:

1, Wall-mounted IP network help intercom terminal, one key to complete the full duplex two-way intercom, simple and quick operation;

2, installed in the indoor environment, explosion-proof anti-demolition; Suitable for installation in banks, prisons, duty rooms, etc.

Product Overview:

1, high-grade aluminum oxide wire drawing panel, can be embedded installation can be installed (standard with bottom box)

2, a key to achieve full duplex two-way intercom with the target terminal (can be specified in the server software)

3, Built-in high sensitivity microphone, wide sound collection area, long collection distance, high tone restoration degree

4, Built-in loudspeaker, support rabbit call and receive broadcast

5, all the way short circuit output, can be used for electronic access control or alarm indicator light

6, With a local line output interface, can be connected to the external active speaker or earphone for intercom and receive broadcasting

7, support real-time monitoring of the field environment

8, Protection grade IP54, with anti-stab protection device and special screws, to prevent human damage

9, Ethernet port can be accessed, with cross-network segment and cross-routing functions


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