Emergency terminal

一键求助终端 EV-9301产品用途:1、专业室外一键求助IP网络对讲终端,一键完成全双工双向对讲,操作简单快捷;2、专为平安城市、大型公园、隧道、矿山等场所设计,同时可用来广播和播放背景音乐。产品概述:1、室外全天候型IP网络一键求助对讲终端,一键完成全双工双向对讲,操作简单快捷;2、设备采用嵌入式计算机技术和DSP音频处理技术设计;采用高速工业级芯片,启动时间小于1秒钟;3、坚固耐用,全金

Emergency  terminal EV-9301

Product use:

1. The professional outdoor IP network intercom terminal can be reached with one key to complete full duplex two-way intercom with simple and quick operation;

2, specially designed for safe city, large parks, tunnels, mines and other places, and can be used for broadcasting and playing background music.

Product Overview:

1, Outdoor all-weather IP network one-button intercom terminal for help, one-button complete full duplex two-way intercom, simple and quick operation;

2. The equipment is designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology; Adopt high speed industrial chip, start time is less than 1 second;

3, Strong and durable, all metal shell anti-riot and waterproof, can be fixed on the vertical rod;

4, Built-in high sensitivity microphone and listening speaker, realize the intercom pick up voice and the collection and monitoring of the field voice, support hands-free call;

5, 8Ω/60W digital power amplifier can be selected to meet the needs of different occasions;

6. It has one audio line input and one audio line output port, which is suitable for amplification and sound acquisition in special places;

7, with short circuit output interface, can be used for monitoring linkage;

8, high protection level design, the overall use of alloy material and anti-disassembly screws, and explosion-proof, waterproof, needle-proof;

9, there is Ethernet port can be accessed, across the network segment and across the route.

Product parameters:

Outdoor IP network intercom terminal;

Network interface: 1-channel standard RJ45 network interface;

Transmission rate: 10/100Mbps;

Audio format: MP2/MP3;

Supported protocols: TCP/IP, UPP, IGMP (multicast);

Sampling rate: 8K ~ 48KHz;

Audio mode: 16-bit stereo CD sound quality;

SNR: > 75 db;

Harmonic distortion: ≤0.3%;

Frequency response: 20Hz-16KHz;

Short-circuit output: 1 channel;

Line input circuit number, level: 1, 350mV;

Line output circuit number, level: 2, 775mV;

Amplifier power, impedance: 2×10W, 8Ω (can be customized high-power amplifier);

Working environment: Working temperature :5℃ ~ +45℃;

Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%;

Input power supply: DC24V;

Power consumption: ≤10W;

Foot inch: 210*330*75mm;

Weight: 3.3kg.


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