Decoding terminal

机架式解码终端 EV-90021. 机架式设计,3寸高亮LCD显示屏(128*64),多功能轻触选择按键。具有接收广播、呼叫广播功能。2. 音频采用硬解码形式,16位音频立体声CD音质,内置硬件解码芯片,实现本地实时信号采集功能以及音频解码功能,支持USB播放。3. 面板集成19位操作按键,可点播服务器中的音频文件,可调节播放的快进、快退、播放、暂停等设置。具有顺序循环等多种播放模式。4. 1路

Decoding terminal EV-9002

1. Rack-type design, 3-inch bright LCD display (128*64), multi-function light touch selection button. It has the function of receiving broadcast and calling broadcast.

2. Audio adopts hard decoding form, 16-bit audio stereo CD sound quality, built-in hardware decoding chip, realize local real-time signal acquisition function and audio decoding function, support USB playback.

3. The panel is integrated with 19-bit operation keys, which can demand audio files in the server and adjust the Settings of fast forward, fast rewind, play, pause and so on. It has a variety of playback modes such as sequential loop.

4. 1 local microphone, 1 local line input, 1 line output, with 2*20W power amplifier output, can be connected to the external resistance speakers.

5. 1 circuit short circuit output (external control of power sequence, or linkage control)

6. Standard 2-way 10/100M RJ45 network switch interface, support LAN WAN.

7. The standby time of the terminal can be set from 1-99 minutes, which is convenient for the user to decide how long to turn off the power amplifier after the completion of the scheduled task according to the situation.

8. (optional) can be equipped with TF card, in the card backup ringing task, in case of network shutdown to achieve the timing task

9. (Optional) Remote control is available. With 12 buttons, it is used for wireless remote control broadcast program, and the remote control distance can be up to 1000 meters without obstacles.

10. (optional) can be equipped with 24V strong cut output module, for fire emergency broadcast to open the sound control switch.

11. Product size: 485*88*345mm


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