IP network terminal

IP网络前置终端 EV-9003产品概述:接收并放大网络音频信号,本地扩音和网络音频合于一体。常见用于功率使用较大的情况,如学校运动场或者户外绿化带等地,常见在网络前级放大器后面配纯后级广播放大器一同使用。详细参数:●采用网络音频模块高品质的数字音频传输,●根据声音自动开启或关闭外接功率放大器的电源。●内置三级信号优先功能: 本地信号优先(本地输入信号优先,且优先级别可预置,网络

IP network  terminal EV-9003

Product Overview:

Receive and amplify network audio signal, local amplification and network audio in one. Commonly used in the use of power is large, such as school sports ground or outdoor green belt and other places, common in the network after the pre-amplifier with pure post-broadcast amplifier used together.

Detailed parameters:

● Adopt network audio module high quality digital audio transmission,

● Automatically turn on or off the power of the external power amplifier according to the sound.

● Built-in three-level signal priority function:

Local signal priority (local input signal priority, and the priority level can be preset, network music plays the role of background sound)

Emergency broadcast priority (network control audio source, can achieve timing playback, network control audio source, can achieve timing playback, emergency broadcast priority input, the broadcast signal will automatically close the local input signal, play network emergency broadcast signal)

Local signal mandatory priority (in the case of emergency broadcast, can start the local mandatory priority function, to achieve artificial local emergency broadcast function).

●1 channel network signal input; 2 audio signal output; 5 channels microphone 1 channel power control;

● Extensible connection of four power amplifiers

● To achieve cross-gateway device control: each channel independent control volume, strong interpolation priority silent sound.

Product size: 485*88*345mm


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