Intelligent monitoring host

智能监控主机 EV-62101、智能监控主机用于公共智能广播系统状态的监控。2、可以一目了然的查询系统状态,包括功放工作模式、工作温度、输出电平、保护状态、工作电流、网络模块工作状态等。3、让系统维护更加直接、方便、科学。4、系统采用ARM级处理芯片,稳定可靠。5、工业级485全双工通信芯片。6、一路RS232配置口,一路USB升级接口,一路10M/1000M自适应网卡。7、10.1寸高清触摸屏

Intelligent monitoring host EV-6210

1. The intelligent monitoring host is used for monitoring the state of the public intelligent broadcasting system.

2. The system status can be checked at a glance, including power amplifier working mode, working temperature, output level, protection status, working current, network module working status, etc.

3. Make system maintenance more direct, convenient and scientific.

4. The system adopts ARM grade processing chip, which is stable and reliable.

5, Industrial grade 485 full duplex communication chip.

6. One road RS232 configuration port, one road USB upgrade interface, one road 10M/1000M adaptive network card.

7, 10.1 inch HD touch screen, for customers to bring excellent user experience, resolution of 1024x600.

8, 4U rack type design


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