Remote control module

远程遥控模块 EV-9001Y产品介绍1.用于远程控制节目播放。2.配合数据转换IP终端或服务器串口使用,可用于校园课间操或开运动会时节目的临时控制。产品特点1.简洁大方的外观;人性化的操作方式。2.超强可遥控距离,可达1千米(无障碍)。3.可预设12个任务键功能键:4.任务键可实现任意时间、任意数量终端、任意音量的任意音乐播放。5.支持同时发起多个任务,并且每个任务可以切换控制。6.可自定义预

Remote control module EV-9001Y

Product introduction

1. Used for remote control of program playing.

2. It can be used with data conversion IP terminal or server serial port, which can be used for temporary control of campus class exercise or sports meeting season.

Product features

1. Simple and elegant appearance; Humanized operation mode.

2. Super remote control distance, up to 1km (barrier-free).

3. 12 task key function keys can be preset:

4. The task key can achieve any time, any number of terminals, any volume of any music playing.

5. Support to initiate multiple tasks at the same time, and each task can switch control.

6. The remote control disable time can be customized, and the start and end time of each group can be set.

Technical parameters

1. Communication protocol: RS-232

2. Baud rate: 9600bps

3. Antenna: stretchable

4. Power consumption: ≤5W

5. Input power: DC9V/0.5A

6. Size: 120 x 102 x 30mm

7. Weight: 0.22kg


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