Power Timer (17ch control)

电源时序器(17路带控制) SP17II17路功能型电源时序器 共17路,1路常开,带R232、R485串口控制。是一款具方便又经济实惠的电源时序器!产品特点:>>采用双面板+SMT表面贴片工艺,大电流继电器,高精度磷铜输出万能插座(万能插都有镀锡处理,防止插座氧化),确保产品超高品质。>>独立继电器控制16路电源时序控制,每路延时1秒。>>配置原装德力西80A空开。>>线路板配置12根2MM铜棒

Power Timer (17ch control) SP17II

17 channels functional power sequence, a total of 17 channels, 1 normally open, with R232, R485 serial port control. Is a convenient and affordable power timing device!

Product features:

> > adopts double panel +SMT surface patch process, large current relay, high-precision phosphor copper output universal socket (universal socket has tin plating treatment to prevent socket oxidation), to ensure the high quality of products.

> > independent relay control 16 channels of power timing control, each channel delay 1 second.

> > configuration original Deli West 80A air open.

> > circuit board is equipped with 12 2MM copper bars thickened to ensure enough excess current.

> > provides a total of 16+1 socket output, including a panel is usually through.

> > machine configuration 2 meters with CCC certification 3X6 square national standard cable, to ensure large current through.

> > machine capacity 50A.

> > supports cascading of multiple machines.

> > MCU control intelligent design, with standard RS232 serial port control function and RS485 serial port control function, can set up 255 ID address, the maximum can support 255 at the same time, suitable for large-scale centralized control.

> > has external switch control interface, and cascade control port.

> > LED screen voltage indication and current indication.

> > has bypass function to prevent emergency use in case of internal failure.

> > is equipped with USB output, which can provide power for mobile phone charging and DJ lights.


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