Power Timer SP08EII

Power Timer SP08EII1, 8 channels of electricity from the definition of control (programmable)2, the front panel press the self-locking power switch, connected to the computer control3, panel LCD real-

Power Timer SP08EII

1, 8 channels of electricity from the definition of control (programmable)

2, the front panel press the self-locking power switch, connected to the computer control

3, panel LCD real-time voltage display, manual set ID number and digital display ID number

4, power supply two-stage filtering function (can prevent electromagnetic power pulse, power surge), effectively protect video and audio equipment by lightning surge damage, more reliable protection of video and audio equipment electricity safety. (Customizable audio isolation function)

5. The peak power of the whole machine is 9 kW

6, single channel power 10A-3 kW.

7, Automatic start function, can be set after the power on the automatic boot or manual boot

8. Press the self-locking power start button, gently press the power on, press the power off, with the function of anti-misoperation

Nine, nine rates.

10. The two sets of private network are connected to each other in series within 1200 meters (1.2 kilometers) without obstacles. The theoretical value is 120 sets. The serial connection limit of the manager can reach 120 km.

11, dual network interface can be in the central control state PC independent control of the manager of 120 devices on any machine, the realization of the station manager is both the host and can be an extension, does not affect the central control.

12. Install a PC software to manage and control 120 sets of this manager online. PC features -- custom time switch machine, delay switch, custom three groups of saving mode, each group of custom any channel, to achieve easy and non-stepping control of the operation of 120 sets of audio and video equipment.

13, can achieve private network connection; Intranet connection; LAN wireless connection.

14, system fault alarm, with (take) electrical equipment fault alarm.

15, Support 232, 485, POE, Ethernet and other optional online, support more than 5 control modes.

16, Channel open delay function, each channel 1-500 seconds adjustable delay, can be set to close any one of the output channel, support out-of-order switch.

17, PC software can automatically search the room number.

18, for the convenience of partition management - can be set in groups, can be divided into 9 groups, each group of 45 rooms, can set the specified time automatically on/off, can set the specified time automatically on/off any mode

19, dual screen display, respectively display voltage, room number.

20, Support the configuration of terminal electrical equipment through the Web end, can customize the switch sequence, configuration delay time and other operations.

21, PC management software with rich functions, support centralized management of 254 devices, maximum unlimited support devices (customization), can be remote control of each device

22, 100 MB Ethernet LAN port, supporting protocols including Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, compatible with 10/100/1000M network interface

23, digital system password lock, lock the system to prevent misoperation, system administrator can be modified

24, can achieve a radius of 6 km (6000 meters) diameter 12 km (12000 meters) no network wireless communication remote control, suitable for mines, field, park, school convenient user use (custom function).

25, support mobile phone channel nationwide remote control (custom function).

26, Hardware voltage classification protection, each group of 3 buttons, distribution of high, medium and low three power range protection

27, low current protection within 30W-100W...... Medium current protection 100W-600W...... High current protection 600W-3000W, special electrical protection module, to achieve over voltage, over current automatic protection function, for the safe operation of the system equipment escort.

According to the actual application of the manufacturer, the product shall meet the following requirements:

> > adopts double panel +SMT surface patch process,

> > 30A high current relay

> > 13A high-precision phosphor copper output universal socket to ensure high quality products.

> > 8 channels of power timing control, each channel delay 1 second

> > incoming line adopts the national standard 4 square RVV soft cable with CCC certification

> > built-in transformer input voltage range (180V-250V)

> > with digital LED voltage indicator head.

> > machines come with stream protection over three different powers.

> > panel material: Black aluminum panel.

> > machine with external switch control and multi-machine cascade.

> > machine with RS485 can be connected to the central control or computer software.

> > machine with network function can be connected to the central control or computer software.


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