Power Timer SP10I

电源时序器(10路可级联)SP10I10路功能型电源时序器 共10路,2路常开,带R232控制接口。是一款具方便又经济实惠的电源时序器!采用双面板+SMT表面贴片工艺30A大电流继电器13A高精度磷铜输出万能插座确保产品超高品质。插座采样图8路电源时序控制,每路延时1秒进线采用具有CCC认证的国标4平方RVV软电缆内置宽电压大功率开关电源板(85V-265V),适应任何电压变动大的场合应用 配置

Power Timer SP10I

10 channels functional power sequencer, a total of 10 channels, 2 normally open, with R232 control interface. Is a convenient and affordable power timing device!

Adopt double panel +SMT surface patch process

30A high current relay

13A high-precision phosphor copper output universal socket to ensure high quality products. Sampling diagram of socket

8 channels of power timing control, each delay 1 second

The incoming line adopts the national standard 4 square RVV flexible cable with CCC certification

Built-in wide-voltage high-power switching power board (85V-265V), suitable for any applications with large voltage changes

Equipped with digital LED voltage indicator head (military category).

The supplied sample has a separate control switch for each output of the machine.

Panel Material: Black Iron Panel.

The supplied samples include machines with external switch control and multi-machine cascade cascade control ports.


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