Digital conference unit DH-4500A, DH-4500B

Digital conference unit DH-4500A, DH-4500BChairman/RepresentativeProduct introduction:This series of meeting microphone specialized service in high-end market meeting microphone using square rod, high

Digital conference unit DH-4500A, DH-4500B


Product introduction:

This series of meeting microphone specialized service in high-end market meeting microphone using square rod, high sensitivity design, appearance concise air, microphone mi core part USES the rubber shock absorber material, as far as possible to avoid the mesa noise effect on the microphone pickup, the phone is another feature in the upper receiver to increase a high-resolution TFT screen, A round screen with a resolution of 320 by 240. Not only can meet the normal speech management. Also support picture display, microphone request service function, can be based on the actual meeting situation to display the specified picture, at the same time can be based on the needs of the venue. The appearance of the microphone adopts metal oxide panel, and the simple and tough appearance design shows the simple and solemn style of conference equipment.

Product features:

Large mute switch design;

The company's meeting operating system, new touch control technology, 2.8-inch full color capacitive touch screen;

Ultra-short all-metal short microphone design;

◆ High sensitivity microphone core design, sound picking distance up to 80cm;

Red and green fog surface indicator design, indicating the state of speech;

◆ Support multiple chairmen online at the same time;

◆ Each conference microphone has a unique ID number, which can be changed at will.

◆ With the camera, the meeting control host or PC control software can be set for automatic tracking of the camera;

◆ With the host, it can realize first-in, first-out, after-in and after-out, restricted mode, chairman allowed mode, free discussion mode;

★ The identity of the microphone can be set by yourself, you can change the identity of the microphone through the host setting, free switching in the representative, chairman, VIP, so that the use of more flexible and diverse, to meet the high-end needs;

◆ Long distance transmission will not have any effect on sound quality;

★ Support "ring hand in hand" connection, can be connected to the backup host, make the system connection more convenient, more reliable;

Super anti-RF interference of mobile phone;

◆ The chairman microphone has the chairman priority key function, which can close the representative unit that is speaking;

★ Unique innovative self-testing function, with software, can automatically complete the key, voting, voice self-testing, making the preparation test before the meeting more simple, more reliable meeting;

★ The microphone supports digital analog audio double backup function, (optional)

★ Support to replace the main interface customization, can provide customers


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