Intelligent conference main controller VS-6000M

Intelligent conference main controller VS-6000MStandard 2U panel size, can be installed in 19-inch standard cabinet, arc three-dimensional machining and plexiglass matching design;With automatic memor

Intelligent conference main controller VS-6000M

Standard 2U panel size, can be installed in 19-inch standard cabinet, arc three-dimensional machining and plexiglass matching design;

With automatic memory function when power is off, it can be used without setting again after power on, and can restore factory Settings;

With the function of voice-controlled start microphone and adjustable threshold level;

Can be achieved with the central control host, central control microphone on and off, switching conference mode voice to text recording, industrial RS232 interface;

High-definition color 3.5-inch screen, with Chinese and English menu language display options;

Built-in high, medium and bass balance adjustment, the microphone total volume control, can be unified to close the microphone built-in speaker sound;

All microphones are equipped with real-time display of use status. When the indicator light is on, the microphones can be opened or applied for speaking.

It is equipped with multi-channel microphone connector for backup annulus connection, four-channel 8-core dedicated conference unit connector, four-channel RJ45 network cable connector for up to 60 conference system units, extended host and power repeater, and 250 conference system units can be used at the same time.

The panel is made of rugged aluminum alloy, CNC digital precision processing, hard surface anodic oxidation process, more hard wear resistance, corrosion resistance;

The built-in MP3 recording can support up to 32G USB storage, about 14 consecutive days of high quality recording, with multiple audio output, can be connected to infrared translation system, telephone coupler, local amplifiers, external recording equipment, remote multimedia terminal;

It can set a limited speaking time of 15 seconds to 60 minutes for participants to quantify the meeting process and improve the meeting efficiency.

The conference host can be connected to up to 4 HD cameras, built-in 4 in and 1 out HDMI HD seamless switching matrix, single screen without black screen switching, four screens with the same screen display, support the highest resolution of 1080P60Hz, with multiple groups of RS-485 camera control interface, communication distance up to 1 km;

A variety of built-in control camera protocols, PELCO-D,PELCO-P, VISCA, can be directly set up on the host panel without a computer;

Intelligent conference speech mode, to meet the needs of different types of meetings: intelligent limit, first-in, first-out, intelligent application, open mode, limited time speech, chairman, voice control start, automatic test.


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