Wireless conference chair unit

无线会议主席单元 DH-9300A高科技外观设计,内置天线,整体新颖时尚¬庄重,带有红色灯环显示话筒工作状态。带2.23寸高亮度全视角OLED显示屏,显示内容清晰话筒头部根据声学空间学原理设计,配合新型防啸叫单指向高灵敏度电容咪芯,使会议声音音质实现高保真度还原全新概念的抗电磁干扰电路设计,杜绝手机等电子产品的电磁干扰话筒带液晶显示屏可显示话筒状态、讯号强度、电池电量。并带有多功能按键,进入菜单后

Wireless conference chair unit   DH-9300A, DH-9300B

High-tech appearance design, built-in antenna, the whole novel and solemn fashion, with a red light ring to show the working state of the microphone.

With 2.23 inch high brightness full view OLED display, display content clear

The microphone head is designed according to the acoustics and space theory, and with the new anti-noise single pointing high-sensitivity capacitor microphone core, the meeting sound quality can be restored in high fidelity

The new concept of anti-electromagnetic interference circuit design, eliminate mobile phone and other electronic products electromagnetic interference

Microphone with LCD display can display microphone status, signal strength, battery power. With multi-function button, after entering the menu, you can debug and view the microphone parameters, edit address, etc.

The unit adopts UHF wireless technology to transmit audio and control signals. The effective communication distance of F is 50 meters indoors and 90 meters outdoors

Ultra low power circuit design, continuous speaking time is not less than 9 hours, standby time is not less than 20 hours. You can choose the original rechargeable appliance or the ordinary 5 battery

Chairman unit, with priority key, can control the meeting atmosphere.

The representative unit has a variety of exit modes, and the state of speech is controlled by the chairman unit.

Technical parameters:

Working voltage DC 3.7V -- 4.5V

Power consumption Standby ≦ 350MW, speaking ≦ 620MW

Display 128x32 PMOLED blue

Operating temperature -9℃ -- 40℃

Dimensions (W×H×D) 183×130×54mm microtube 420mm

Weight is 0.7 kg

Audio signal

Transmission mode UHF wireless mode (one-way)

Channel number 5

Transmission band UHF512-945MHz

Demodulation mode FM

Sensitivity of 90 DBM

Maximum modulation is 60K

Radiated power ≦+9dBm

Frequency deviation < 0.002

Pick up distance: 10cm--30cm

Control signal

Transmission mode UHF wireless mode (two-way)

Channel number 16

Transmission band UHF423-436MHz

Modulation mode FSK

Sensitivity of 90 DBM

Radiated power ≦+7dBm

Frequency deviation < 0.003

Data rate 110KBPS


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