Paperless Conference Terminal VS-2002M

Paperless Conference Terminal VS-2002M1. Windows7/8 or higher operating system platform, using boxed genuine CPU, main frequency 3.2GHz or above, memory: 4GB DDR3 RAM, 32G SSD solid-state disk;2. Usin

Paperless Conference Terminal VS-2002M

1. Windows7/8 or higher operating system platform, using boxed genuine CPU, main frequency 3.2GHz or above, memory: 4GB DDR3 RAM, 32G SSD solid-state disk;

2. Using pure network networking, one network cable can realize the signal transmission of video, audio, file, image, etc. The video file played on the terminal will synchronize the image to other conference terminals or large screen through the network, and the voice in the file will be decoded by the codec and output to the conference audio processing equipment through the network;

3. The support terminal nameplate display, including the participant's name, unit, position, meeting host, meeting place, meeting time and other information;

4. Support intelligent push function of conference documents, background files are automatically pushed to the front-end conference terminal according to the meeting process and the permission setting of document push is supported, and the conference terminal that has no right to display the document will automatically shield the display of the document;

5. Support the push function of meeting documents source files, meeting documents do not need to be converted twice, and ensure the consistency of file format (file format supports all files that can be recognized by the computer);

6. Support uploading the meeting documents on U disk directly to the relevant topics of the meeting;

7. The system supports fast function, fast function floating window display, automatically pop up when needed, do not need to hide automatically, fast keys in the floating window basic: original annotation, fast annotation, screen broadcast, tracking the speaker, return to the desktop, end broadcast, return to the system, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

8. The system supports any conference terminal to display the same screen under any screen (local terminal can synchronize the screen to other conference terminals and the big screen with one key or display the same screen on the big screen only);

9. Support terminal to synchronize the participant terminal with the mouse pointer of the broadcast source without delay tracking when the broadcast screen is displayed

10. Asynchronous browsing, any authorized conference terminal supports one-button switch (local terminal can switch remote synchronous screen and local terminal screen through one-button switch) to complete the free interaction function of signals;

11. Track the speaker: the conference terminal in the asynchronous browsing state supports one-click synchronization to any files and video images of the speaker at this time and maintain consistency;

12. Supports the function of single chairman or multiple chairmen. The chairman can control the meeting process and signal switch, start voting, start meeting topics, select broadcast signal source, force the same screen, end the same screen, end the meeting and other functions;

13. Support PC Windows operating interface and broadcast to other conference terminals in real time with the same screen to the big screen or only with the same screen to the big screen and display delay less than 1 second;

14. The system supports one-click display of remote video conference images;

15. Support any document in the external U disk to be broadcast to other conference terminals with one key and display synchronously on the big screen;

16. Support the function of interactive annotation. The terminal supports other participants to directly comment on the initiator's synchronous screen after launching the screen broadcast, and supports multiple participants to mark the same screen together at the same time;

17. Support custom multi-option voting, multi-person selection and evaluation, support conference sign-in, interactive electronic whiteboard, electronic nameplate display, document annotation, conference communication, conference service, conference notification and other conference functions;

18. Support the function of meeting minutes transfer and signing. Meeting minutes documents support all participants to sign and confirm in turn, and the documents are automatically uploaded to the control host and maintained.


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