8CH digital power amplifier M8200

专业卡包音箱 AK-10AK-10 功能特点:卡包音响系列,综合了数万次的调试及实景听音模拟;进口元器件的引进,外观设计上的不断升级改良;专门为各种娱乐场所量身打造,音质保真度高,视觉动感时尚,结合进口喇叭材质配置,低频延伸惊艳,在娱乐K歌、家庭影院上展现惊艳。10"全频娱乐PVC音箱 1个泡边低音单元140磁50芯,4个3"锥型振膜纸盘高音技术指标:系统 无源2

8CH digital power amplifier M8200

Product features:

Line: Class D

Mainly used for conference, broadcast, multi-function hall, cinema, music Professional card pack speaker AK-10

AK-10 features:

Card bag audio series, integrated tens of thousands of debugging and real scene listening to sound simulation; The introduction of imported components, continuous upgrading and improvement of appearance design; Specially tailored for a variety of entertainment places, high fidelity sound quality, visual dynamic fashion, combined with imported speaker material configuration, low frequency extension amazing, in the entertainment karaoke, home theater show amazing.

10" full frequency entertainment PVC speakers 1 bubble-edge bass unit 140 magnetic 50 cores,4 treble 3" cone type diaphragm paper disc

Technical indicators:

System passive 2 frequency division system

Frequency response 40Hz-18kHz (±3dB)/ 35Hz-20kHz (±10dB)

Cell configuration

Bass :1*10"(254mm)/2"(50mm) bubble-edge bass unit

High pitch :4*3" cone diaphragm paper plate high pitch

Nominal impedance 8ohm

Sensitivity 92dB SPL

Rated power 180W (AES)

Maximum loudest pressure level 115dB SPL/121dB SPL PEAK

Connecting socket compression spring terminal red + black -

Size 530 * 305 * 290 mm

Carton size 720×360×590mm

Net weight 11.5 KG/PCS

Gross weight 25 kg / 2 PCS


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