Linear tone column YC-507

线性音柱 YC-507YC-507音柱搭配YC-15B低音炮是一款带有DSP有源模块组成的倒相式设计的组合音响;YC-507音柱配置了6个精细校准的5"全频单元,外加一个1.4"振膜压缩驱动器(34芯),拥有高效而平坦宽广的频率响应,提供自然和无染色的语言与背景音乐,重放效果音质通透自然,超高解析力,极高的瞬态,完美的指向性;是多功能厅、宴会厅、家庭、小型演出最适合的佳品。高档

Linear tone column YC-507

YC-507 sound column with YC-15B subwoofer is a combination sound with DSP active module composed of phase reversal design;

YC-507 sound column is equipped with 6 finely calibrated 5" full frequency units, plus a 1.4" diaphragm compression driver (34 core), with an efficient and flat wide frequency response, providing natural and non-chromatic language and background music, playback effect sound quality is transparent and natural, ultra-high resolution, extremely high transient, perfect directivity;

It is the most suitable for multi-function hall, banquet hall, family and small performance.

High-grade waterborne black dot spray paint sound column treble 100 magnetic 34 core alto 6*5"90 magnetic 25 core full frequency unit

Technical indicators:

Models of YC - 507

System 2-way FULL RANGE

Frequency response 125Hz-18KHz

Unit configuration LF:6*5"(127mm)/1"(25mm)

HF: 1 * 1 "(25 mm) exit / 1.34" (34 mm)

Impedance 6 Ω

93 db sensitivity

Power 250 w

Maximum sound pressure 106dB

Size 1085 mm * 163 mm * 172 mm

Dimension of outer box --mm

Net weight 13.8 KG / 1 PCS

Gross weight - 1 KG/PCS


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