Digital power amplifier with DSP processor

Digital power amplifier with DSP processor

带DSP处理器数字功放2*500W Duo500特征◆开关电源供电和Class D功放模块,效率高,速度快,容易入麦,音色轻快,色彩丰富◆内置功率因素校正技术PFC,电源中的电流输出更高功率,而且可以消除开关电源频率的低次谐波,较少因为电源不稳定而引起的嗡嗡声和失真◆全铝合金机身,提升对设备的保护度,增强散热效能和减少整机重量◆R-SMPS稳压式开关电源,在供电电源极不稳定的情况下,都能为最佳音

Digital power amplifier with DSP processor 2*500W DUO500

Characteristics of the

◆ Switching power supply and Class D power amplifier, high efficiency, fast speed, easy to enter the wheat, light tone, rich color

◆ Built-in power factor correction technology PFC, the current in the power supply output higher power, and can eliminate the low harmonic frequency of the switching power supply, less because of the power supply instability caused by the buzz and distortion

◆ All aluminum alloy body, improve the protection of the equipment, enhance the heat dissipation efficiency and reduce the weight of the machine

◆R-SMPS regulated switching power supply, in the case of unstable power supply, can provide a strong power supply guarantee for the best sound effects

Extremely light weight of the whole machine, reduce labor and logistics transportation costs

◆ Built-in DSP digital signal processor, flexible PEQ, output gain, delay, voltage limit and frequency division filter, support the front panel operation and computer software control

◆ Front and back heat dissipation and exhaust system design, to ensure the equipment long time, high reliable performance operation and use

◆ The front panel has LCD display, which can display the built-in DSP of the user interface amplifier in real time, and also display the operation information of the amplifier, such as operation mode, input gain, equipment temperature, etc

Front panel independent channel with temperature, protection and peak cutting light warning

Front panel independent channel with power indicator and -3dB/-6dB/-10dB/-20dB signal indicator

◆ The front panel with USB interface, can be used for lighting and mobile phone charging

◆ The rear panel has XLR input socket and link socket

◆ The rear panel has a Speakon NI4 output socket and a red and black terminal output socket


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