2CH digital power amplifier

两通道数字功率放大器 M3600M系列数字功率放大器采用Class D拓扑结构并集成开关电源,超轻巧机身,强大功率输出。M3600和M4800分别采用两通道和四通道的设计,1U机身设计,具有专业的保护功能和先进的散热系统,前面板面有精确的控制旋钮,LED指示灯可显示系统的动行状态,后面板采用平衡的XLR输入和SPEAKON输出,并带有模式转换开关,可以切换不同的工作模式。轻巧的机器以及强大的功率输

2CH digital power amplifier M3600

M series digital power amplifier adopts Class D topology and integrated switching power supply, super lightweight body, powerful power output. M3600 and M4800 adopt two channel and four channel design, 1U body design, with professional protection function and advanced cooling system, the front panel has precise control knob, LED indicator light can show the system moving state, the back panel adopts balanced XLR input and SPEAKON output, and with mode switch, You can switch between different working modes. Lightweight machines and powerful power output are very easy to transport products and more applications.

Product features:

Line: Class D

Mainly used for conference, broadcast, multi-function hall, cinema, music restaurant bar, background music, etc

Small and light, the voice is very transparent, stability is very good

Adopt the exquisite aluminum panel, the appearance design highlights the high grade

Stereo, bridge, parallel three working modes

Has obtained CCC, CB, CE certification and ROHS environmental certification

Technical parameters:

Stereo output power 8Ω : 300W×2

Stereo output power 4Ω : 500W×2

Bridge power 8Ω : 1000W×1

Distortion: lt; 0.2%

SNR: >112dBA

Frequency response range: 10Hz to 20kHz,+/-1dB

Input impedance: balanced 20K/ unbalanced 10K

Damping coefficient: > 300

Output Class: Class D

Input sensitivity: 0.775V

Protection function: short circuit protection, dc protection, overheat protection, overload protection and voltage limit

Control knobs: power start ON/OFF, volume adjustment knob ON panel, stereo, connect and bridge mode switch buttons ON rear panel

The panel is equipped with overload protection CLIP/-10dB/ SIGNAL/ and connected to MONO/ BRIDGE/ WORKING STATUS indicator

Power delay: 4 seconds

Input interface: XLR input interface

Output interface: Speakon Carnon interface

Size (W×H×D) : 483×44×350mm

Packing size: 560×120×470mm

Net weight: 4.95 KGS


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