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8 in / 8 out mixing matrix case MIX0808Product Description:MIX0808 Digital Matrix Switcher is an all-digital high-bandwidth all-purpose fiber matrix switcher, which supports fast key-switching operati

8 in / 8 out mixing matrix case MIX0808

Product Description:

MIX0808 Digital Matrix Switcher is an all-digital high-bandwidth all-purpose fiber matrix switcher, which supports fast key-switching operation. It has 8-channel video input port and 8-channel video output port to support any input set as default EDID and EDID learning parameters. Mix0808 uses the latest digital interface, so that the image signal can be output with high fidelity, and the picture is clearer.

Product features:

(1) Plug-in structure: input signal number support: Video, VGA, YPBPR, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI, optical fiber, network; Output signal support: HDMI, DVI (color difference \VGA), VIDEO, optical fiber, network. Card type mechanism, extremely easy to expand or replace.

(2) Long line drive ability: the input is equipped with automatic balance, which can effectively reduce the deterministic jitter (ISI) caused by line transmission; The output has pre-weighting function, so that the receiving end can still receive the signal after long wire transmission; The input supports receiving delay, which effectively compensates for the time when the difference is unequal to the length of the line.

(3) HDCP compatibility: ensure that media with content protection can display normally, such as Blu-ray DVD, Game Box, etc.

(4) Audio access function: Video, VGA, color difference input board with audio input interface, with the output board audio separation output function, can achieve audio and VIDEO synchronization switching without additional configuration of audio switching equipment.

(5) EDID support calculation function: it can automatically calculate the intersection and collection of EDID information of any output display in real time. When the input signal is sent all the way to multiple display devices with different resolutions, it can automatically obtain the best resolution of the current switching state, and trigger the signal source to change the resolution (automatic mode).

(6) EDID support switching function: you can read back the EDID information of any one output display device and switch it to any other output display device (manual mode).

(7) Central control function: after the central control board is extended, it can have programmable central control function, which can support 2 channels of programmable RS232 port, 3 channels of infrared emission port, and support iPhone, iPad and Android screen for control;

(8) Power down memory function and site memory function: with power off site protection function; And can save and invoke 18 switch states.

(9) Extended streaming media input function: support two channels of streaming media input, and turn into WiFi input, support common resolution, the company has client software support.

(10) Input and output: 8 channels of signal input and 8 channels of signal output are supported. Support embedded multi-channel digital audio signal crossover switch.

(14) Input and output cards: each board has 4 channels, and different formats of input board cards (Video, VGA, YPBPR, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI, optical fiber, network) can be configured according to requirements.

(15) Full HD support: compatible with all HDTV resolutions including 1080p/60 and PC resolutions up to 1920*1200;

(16) Support 3D, HDMI 1.4 (part), HDCP, and DVI 1.0 protocols. Supports high color depth and up to 3.25Gbps rate;

(17) With two channels of RS-232 communication interface

(18) All output channels support seamless screen switching, no black screen, fully compatible interface signals, adaptive output parameters (resolution, upper, lower, left and right size) can be adjusted independently, after function expansion, you can choose a resolution as the output resolution of the road, to solve such minor differences as 1360*768 and 1366*768, etc. And in other cases the border is not correct phenomenon.


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