Control PC with color screen

Central control PC (16 channels with color screen) I16B1 The core processor adopts the embedded processor with main frequency up to 400MHz, built-in 512M storage FLASH.It can handle all kinds of logic

Central control PC (16 channels with color screen) I16B

1 The core processor adopts the embedded processor with main frequency up to 400MHz, built-in 512M storage FLASH.It can handle all kinds of logic operation functions at high speed, various private protocol conversion functions, open programming, custom algorithm, control logic without layer limit;

2 Support standard TCP protocol data transmission, through the router and smart phone, tablet computer communication, to achieve the intelligent control of all kinds of devices;

3. Mobile phones or tablets that support Android and iOS systems;

4. The central control host has a built-in Web configuration interface, which can facilitate the configuration of basic parameters and improve the application efficiency of field engineers;

5 built-in clock function, can be timed to manage tasks;

6 The front panel display adopts 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, 65K color support, 16-bit RGB, which can display host IP and central control status, host parameter setting in real time, and can also coordinate with host programming logic to realize one-button start, scene call and other functions;

7. Front panel button, programmable one-key mode, quick scene switching;

81 independent RJ45 interface, support TCP/IP protocol;

9 1-channel independent programmable RS-485 interface, support two-way communication, can manage the power controller, dimmer, volume controller, etc.

11 independent programmable CAN bus interface, support two-way communication;

11 independent programmable RS-232 input interface, support wall panel and third party equipment for control, support two-way communication;

121-channel independent programmable RS-232 loop out interface, support two-way communication;

13 16 independent programmable RS-232/422/485 control interface, user programmable, support two-way communication, RS485 with ordinary 5 class network cable measured 1000 meters control, shielding network cable can transmit more distance;

14. All control buses are bidirectional, convenient for data acquisition and real-time tablet presentation of various sensors and third-party devices;

16 independent programmable infrared transmitting interface, support control of multiple sets of the same or different infrared equipment;

16 channels infrared transmission interface can be configured to digital I/O IO, the machine can support a maximum of 32 digital I/O IO;

17 Set a variety of control protocols and codes, support user customized protocol and logic control;

18 16-channel weak current relay interface, 125VAC 0.3A/30VDC 1A;

19 16 digital input/output IO interface, support ADC, DAC, PWM, convenient docking of various transmitters and motor control, customized development;

20 16 digital input and output IO can be configured into infrared, the machine supports 32 independent infrared transmission interface, massive infrared data storage space, 8,000 infrared code storage, to meet the application needs to the maximum;

21 lines of embedded infrared learning device, convenient adjustment and maintenance, support RC-5 dual code control;

22 It can control the playback, pause, stop, fast forward, fast rewind, last song, next song, mute, volume and loop playback control of the computer host in the wisdom exhibition hall, and it supports the function of soft shutdown of the computer.

23. Support users to establish their own infrared database, eliminating repeated infrared learning and improving field application efficiency;

24 Support rich logic control to achieve complex linkage effect;

25 Support buttons, slider, video window and progress bar and other rich interface editing controls;

26 Support ASCII code and HEX command format, also can support mixed format command, docking various third-party devices;

27 Support TCP/UDP/HTTP and other international standard control protocols;

28 Support multi-level interface, which can facilitate the partition and block control of each functional module of the large system;

29 simple and efficient editing interface, with professional UI design can make a variety of high-end interface style;

30 Interface programming can adapt to various resolutions of tablets and mobile phones, greatly reducing the debugging difficulty of field application engineers;

31 Support online network upgrade, easy for users to develop and customize and later project maintenance.

International universal wide adapter power supply design (AC100~240V), suitable for any country and region.


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