IP network paging microphone

IP network paging microphone EV-90091. Desktop design, with 7-inch 800 x 480 graphic dot matrix K600+ core 65K color display resistive touch screen. The display is clear and the touch is sensitive. Hu

IP network paging microphone EV-9009

1. Desktop design, with 7-inch 800 x 480 graphic dot matrix K600+ core 65K color display resistive touch screen. The display is clear and the touch is sensitive. Humanized man-machine operation interface.

2. Support call partition and multiple partitions, call the whole region broadcast; Support direct operation of call or intercom any terminal; Support direct operation monitoring (environmental monitoring) any terminal according to the actual environment, monitoring distance up to 5m.

3. The design adopts embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology.

4. Built-in 1 channel network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP protocol, realize network transmission of 16-bit CD audio signal quality.

5. Compatible with router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G and other arbitrary network structure.

6. Support full duplex two-way intercom function, with network echo cancellation module; IP terminals to achieve two-way intercom, the delay is less than 100ms; At the same time, the network echo roar was completely suppressed.

7. Support help signal bell, flashing light prompt, one button to accept help, intercom function, but also can support hands-free call and receive broadcast, to achieve fast link.

8. Support a variety of call strategies, including call waiting, call forwarding, and no one listening reminder.

9. Support automatic answering, manual answering, support custom answering prompt tone.

10. Support transfer time, unanswered time, call waiting time customization.

11. Built-in 3W full frequency high-fidelity speaker, to achieve two-way call and network monitoring.

12. A φ3.5 headphone socket and a φ3.5MIC input socket match 95% of headphones and portable microphones on the market.

13. One way audio line output, external expansion power amplifier; One way audio line input, provide multiple audio source transmission.

14. One way alarm triggers short circuit output, cascading out alarm equipment or access control; All the way short circuit input, can be used to trigger preset voice prompt (or alarm), can also be used to control access control linkage input short circuit signal.

15. Digital products, easy to expand capacity, not limited by geographical location, no need to add room management equipment, using the design concept of common network free line construction, easy to install.

16. Support the broadcast system to upgrade the firmware remotely to the terminal, no need to upgrade locally to the terminal, and reduce the work intensity of maintenance personnel.

Technical parameters

1. Network interface: standard RJ45 input

2. Support protocols: TCP/IP, UDP

3. Audio format: MP3

4. Sampling rate: 8KHz~48KHz

5. Transmission rate: 100Mbps

6. Audio mode: 16-bit CD sound quality

7. Display size: 7 inches

8. Screen resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

9. Screen type: 65K color DGUS screen

10. Keyboard Type: Virtual QWERTY

Keyboard input mode: touch control

12. Impedence and rated power of the built-in speaker: 4Ω, 2W

13. Total heliacal wave distortion: ≤1%

14. Built-in speaker frequency response: 317Hz~3.4KHz +1/-3dB

15.LIEN OUT frequency response: 80Hz~16KHz +1/-3dB

16. Signal-to-noise ratio: >; 65dB

17. Phone Out output impedance and rated power: 32Ω, 2mW

Output level: 1000MV industry standard press wire terminal

19. Line OUT impedance: 470Ω

Sensitivity: 350mV industry standard LINE IN wiring terminal

21.MIC input sensitivity (non-equilibrium) : 10mV

22. Short circuit input: dry contact input

23. Short-circuit output: Max. 1A/30VDC dry contact

24. Operating temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃

25. Working humidity: 20% ~ 80% relative humidity, no condensation

26. Power consumption: ≤6W

27. Input power: ~ 190V-240V 50Hz-60Hz(power adapter); DC24V / 1.5 A

28. Dimensions: 200 x 158 x 163 mm

29. Net weight: 1.2kg


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