IP Network Split Intercom Host

IP Network Split Intercom Host EV-92001. The split design of IP network terminal plus point control panel is adopted. The network terminal is directly connected to the network and can be placed indoor

IP Network Split Intercom Host EV-9200

1. The split design of IP network terminal plus point control panel is adopted. The network terminal is directly connected to the network and can be placed indoors to avoid exposing the network cable in the user area, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the internal network system of the bank

2, the intercom panel has a single key panel (emergency help) and a double key panel (emergency help + business consultation) for users to choose, can be clearly installed, but also embedded installation

3, a terminal can connect up to 8 intercom panels, using the way of network cable hand in hand to connect, the maximum distance up to 1200 meters, when the self-service bank has a number of ATMs, can meet the nearest call

4, The equipment adopts embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology design, using high-speed industrial chip, start up time is less than 1 second

5, The panel is all metal structure, with anti-puncture protection device and anti-demolition alarm function, the protection grade is IP54

6. The intercom panel can initiate the call to the target terminal with one key, and the full duplex communication can realize simple operation and fast connection

7, Built-in high sensitivity microphone, sound acquisition area is wide, the collection distance is long, the tone color restoration degree is high, the built-in speaker, supports the hands-free call and receives the broadcast

8, The terminal built-in 2X10W stereo digital amplifier, can be connected to the external fixed resistance speakers for sound amplification, to meet a wide range of calls, amplification, background music playback, etc

9, with 2 lines of output, one for recording output, can output to the local hard disk recorder for local recording, the other one can output to the active speaker or power amplifier equipment

10. Two short circuit input channels, one can be used for door [] forbidden state detection, the software interface displays [] forbidden state in real time, the other can be used for door [] prompt sound detection, when the depositor enters the door, the access control or infrared sensor will trigger the terminal to play the voice to remind the user of safety

11, two way short circuit output, all the way to control the door] the door lock, can be in the software remote control] on and off, all the way to short-circuit output panel key linkage, linkage surveillance video or other alarm equipment, and linkage can be arbitrary set delay time, can also be used by the user through software control output, and support the SDK control protocol

12, The terminal built-in 4G SD card (capacity can be unlimited expansion), with SD card playback function, can be triggered locally or remotely, play SD card audio files (such as: playback reminds the user of safe withdrawal of voice), SD card content can be updated remotely

13. Support real-time monitoring of the field environment

14, All aluminum material, high protection level design, with anti-disassembly screws, and with anti-disassembly alarm function

15, DC24V DC power supply, convenient system standby power management

16, there is the Ethernet port can be accessed, across the network segment and across the route


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