IP network speaker

IP network speaker(Network) EV-9010A, (Network + Backup) EV-9010AB, (Network + 2.4g) EV-9010AG, (Network + 2.4g + Backup) EV-9010ABGProduct Description:1. Integrated wall-mounted design, 2.0 active sp

IP network speaker

(Network) EV-9010A, (Network + Backup) EV-9010AB, (Network + 2.4g) EV-9010AG, (Network + 2.4g + Backup) EV-9010ABG

Product Description:

1. Integrated wall-mounted design, 2.0 active speaker system, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite technology, convenient installation.

2, Built-in embedded network voice decoding module, support cross-switch, router, Internet connection function.

3, Built-in 1 route input, 2 microphone input, can customize the local, network audio priority level.

4, Built-in high efficiency digital power amplifier, can provide better sound quality and smooth sound.

5, embedded HTTP web server, can be modified by PC software or HTTP equipment network parameters, support network remote upgrade.

6, With the intelligent power management function, the equipment uses the built-in CPU to judge the power amplifier running state, in the non-working state of the power amplifier automatically into the sleep state, standby power ≤0.2W.

7, a multi-purpose, make full use of campus network resources, avoid repeated erection of lines, Ethernet interface can be accessed, truly realize the broadcast, computer network of multi-network integration.

8, Built-in wide voltage power supply and DC24V power supply mode.

9, Support to upgrade the EMC short circuit output module, connect the control voice controller or timing power supply.

10, support upgrade built-in 100V constant voltage power amplifier audio backup input function; Users can choose network or 100V input first function.

11, Support to upgrade POE network module, POE switch direct power supply, save power installation and wiring, streamline wiring process, convenient installation and debugging.

12, Support built-in 2.4G wireless audio module:

● Working frequency band: 2.4g global universal license-free ISM green frequency band;

● Long transmission distance: can be more than 30 meters in the range of open areas stable transmission of audio data;

● The same microphone can be used in any classroom without interfering with each other. Truly achieve a division a wheat, clean health and environmental protection;

● 2.4G and infrared two kinds of frequency control mode: boot automatically search less interference channel frequency control, automatic pairing is completed within 3 seconds, to ensure that the product does not cross frequency, strong anti-interference and transmission stability; Infrared frequency alignment, to ensure the same space equipment accurate frequency alignment;

● The use of 32KHz sampling rate, to ensure the quality of human voice sound, before and after transmission through unique technology processing, to ensure that the received signal to maintain high fidelity effect;

● The built-in electret pickup is designed with a pickup cavity, which can effectively inhibit the noise and improve the distance of picking up sound. The cavity is equipped with acoustic sponge pad, which can improve the blasting sound.

● Support one button mute function;

● Support volume adjustment: can adjust the volume of the microphone, and has a shutdown memory function;

● Support built-in microphone and external microphone. Use the built-in microphone, which can be held in hand, inserted into the collar of the jacket, pocket, or hung on the chest with a lanyard; When using laser pointer, remote control computer PPT and other functions at the same time, it is recommended to use a head-mounted microphone with an external 3.5mm plug or a lap-type microphone inserted into the external microphone jack to obtain the best sound picking effect.

● Support laser pointer pointer;

● Optional PPT page turning and one button black screen/restore function, can be used with the projector or computer display and explanation. PPT page turning module supports hot swappable, no need to install driver software, support not open the host to use PPT page turning function;

● Support 3.5mm audio input and microphone input;

● New noise elimination circuit design, can effectively reduce the switching machine noise;

● LCD display, display signal strength, frequency mode, electricity (charging display), working channel, volume, PPT function, etc., can be customized LOGO brand display content;

● Built-in rechargeable high-performance 3.7V polymer lithium battery. Battery capacity: 800mA, with protective circuit, safe and reliable, Micro USB interface charging,2 hours of sufficient power sustainable life ≥12h;

Low energy consumption design, automatic shutdown within 2 minutes when there is no signal, energy saving and environmental protection;

● Pen shape wheat body design, comfortable grip, ergonomic, key partition design, simple operation, metal plating cavity, more show product texture. The appearance is fashionable and new and beautiful. The weight of the whole microphone (including the built-in mic) is less than 40 grams, light weight and easy to hold.

● Can be customized according to customer needs;

● Products according to the RoHS standard production, can pass the FCC/CE test.

Technical parameters

1. Network interface: standard RJ45 input

2. Transmission rate: 100Mbps

Support protocols: TCP/IP, UDP

4. Audio format: MP3

5. Audio mode: 16-bit CD quality

6. Sampling rate: 8KHz ~ 48KHz

7. AUX input sensitivity: 350mV (non-balanced)

8. Frequency response: 80Hz ~ 16KHz +1/-3dB

9. Harmonic distortion: ≤1%

10. Signal-to-noise ratio: > 65dB

11. Power consumption: ≤50W

12. Power: 2*20W

12. Protection circuit: overload and short circuit protection circuit

13. Working environment temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃

14. Working environment humidity: 20% ~ 80% relative humidity, no condensation

15. Working power supply: ~ 190V-240V 50Hz-60Hz

16. Size: 192×180×282mm

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