8 in 32 out audio matrix

8 in 32 out audio matrix VS-2301Built-in MP3 player module, can be connected to U disk and CD card, that is, can achieve automatic timing playback. An MP3 player on a USB flash drive can store thousan

8 in 32 out audio matrix VS-2301

Built-in MP3 player module, can be connected to U disk and CD card, that is, can achieve automatic timing playback. An MP3 player on a USB flash drive can store thousands of campus songs.

Adopt the touch button and one-button flying shuttle operation 192*64 large LCD display, full Chinese and graphics combined operation menu, easy to operate

There are four sets of timing schemes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, each of which has 99 timing points and runs repeatedly weekly. Each timing point can control the selection of audio sources, internal MP3, external 9 peripheral audio sources (CD, regulator, card holder, DVD player), multiple audio sources at the same time in different areas. External control 32 power supply. 4 sets of timing scheme can be easily switched.

The panel is equipped with a one-button whole region call function key, another 32 partition paging shortcut key, the use of the shortcut key can realize the partition, the whole region control; Paging speech through its own road microphone, the microphone volume is adjustable, convenient for daily paging, notice, business broadcast.

Equip with 8 in 32 out signal distribution matrix, the input signal independent volume adjustment, adapt to the input signal of different audio source equipment; Output to 32 signal output channel signal attenuation; Each power amplifier channel can play different programs at the same time without interfering with each other.

Shortcuts: switch selection of audio source matrix, power switch control, whole region paging, zone paging, built-in MP3 or external control audio source instant playback control.

It can connect multiple remote paging microphones at the same time to realize remote sub-control and remote paging function. Through the remote paging microphone to achieve partition, whole area, power supply, audio source control, and realize the remote paging, notification, transactional broadcast.

External audio source equipment to achieve multiple audio source playback, can control up to 8 DVD, MP3 players, radio, specified tracks scheduled program playback.

The main engine comes with 3 uncontrolled power supply; External control up to 32 channels of power control, external control power programming or manual optional control of single or multiple power switch, timing automatic opening of the system power in advance.

Realize fire linkage, automatic identification of the alarm area, activate the alarm system immediately, and alarm in any way the user wants according to the partition or group corresponding to the fire trigger point set by the user. Alarm reset into the normal broadcast.

It can be connected with the wireless remote control receiver, the remote control can preset 12 programmable keys, can be customized to open/close the partition, choose the audio source, track and so on. Realize power management, partition control, MP3 player and other functions, remote control distance up to 1000 meters (open space).

By connecting with the local telephone receiver, it can realize the functions of remote transaction broadcasting, notification or paging by partition or packet telephone.

With memory function, power off procedure is not lost, call automatically resume running procedure.

It can be used alone or in combination with a computer or with a remote paging station.

Support remote control


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