Volume controller Vol8s

Volume controller Vol8sFunction features of the volume controller:1. Adopts American high fidelity PGA2311 digital volume control chip, LCD display the volume control status;2. Adopts 24BTI /192KHz to

Volume controller Vol8s

Function features of the volume controller:

1. Adopts American high fidelity PGA2311 digital volume control chip, LCD display the volume control status;

2. Adopts 24BTI /192KHz top ADC chip AK5392, the dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio reach CD sound quality;

3. Each output signal has EQ sound quality adjustment processing;

4. With 8-channel stereo synchronous or asynchronous tuning function, support 7.1 channel tuning mode;

5. Built-in 16 sound field storage modes, convenient and quick call;

6. It can be adjusted with a wide range of 138dB;

7. Power off state saving function;

8. Support microphone volume adjustment;

9. Suitable for the use of the utility control and other central control systems;

10. Suitable for high-grade conference rooms, multi-function halls, battle command centers, auditorium, supermarket background music system, etc.;

11. High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability, high cost performance;

12. The whole machine has passed 15KV antistatic test

13.LED liquid crystal display, can display each running state of the equipment

Technical parameters of the volume controller:

1. Wide gain and attenuation range: -95.5dB to +31.5dB, step by 0.5dB, 256 steps.

2. Low noise and low distortion: 120dB dynamic range, 2.5 UVRMS noise (Vin =AGND, 0dB), 0.0004% THD+N (1KHz).

3. Low crosstalk: -130dB

4. Input impedance: 10K, 3pF.

5. Frequency band width: 0Hz~200KHz (-1 dB).

6. Uneven channel gain: ±0.05dB

7. SNR: 100±1dB

8. Stereo separation: >; 90dB @ 1 kHz

9. Common suppression ratio: > 85dB @: 20 Hz ~ 200 kHz

The control mode of the volume controller:

1. Device panel key control

2. Remote control

3. Computer software control

4. Intermediate control

Volume controller baud rate and protocol:

1. Serial control interface: RS-232, 9-pin public D interface

2. Baud rate 9600

3. Data bits: 8 bits,

4. Stop bit: 1,

5. Check bit: Uneven

6. Serial control port structure: 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND

Volume controller specifications:

1. Power source: 100-220VAC, 50/60 Hz

2. Work rate: 10W

3. Temperature: -30° ~ +80°C

4. Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

5. Outer shell: metal material

6. Box size: 482mm (length) x 210mm (width) x 45mm (height)

7. Specification: Standard 19-inch 1U case, can be directly on the cabinet


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