Array conference system host

Array conference system host (double backup host) DH-4500Master machineProduct introduction:This system uses the original digital transmission and control technology of our company, which has independ

Array conference system host (double backup host) DH-4500

Master machine

Product introduction:

This system uses the original digital transmission and control technology of our company, which has independent intellectual property rights. It revolutionizes the introduction of full digital technology into the conference system, fully combines advanced digital technology with audio technology, and realizes the overall control and management of the conference process. The conference system not only has the advantages of stable and reliable quality, safe and accurate data, simple and applicable operation, simple and convenient system maintenance, but also has good expansibility, which can achieve perfect seamless connection with the central control system. The system can realize digital voting system, video tracking system, digital discussion system, digital conference system, etc., mainly for small and medium-sized conference engineering.

Product features:

◆ Number of standard mount units: the system has 4 MIC line interfaces, a single circuit can connect 30, the system can mount up to 90 conference units, and the maximum length of the line can be up to 100 meters (the length of the extension wire will affect the total mount number, please refer to the system mount table)

◆ Flexible support for automatic discussion meeting mode, video tracking meeting mode,

★ Support meeting sign-in and 5 key voting,

★ Support software control and support central control system control

★ There are 2 sets of three equalization lines, which can adjust the microphone output and the speaker sound separately

★ With fire alarm interface, can be linked with the fire control system, to ensure the safety of participants, (optional)

★ Equipped with 4 in and 4 out standard definition video matrix, can directly control the video switch of up to three camera balls, and support 3 video synchronous monitoring output.

★ A variety of input and output interfaces, 2 groups of main input, 2 groups of cardholder input and 2 groups of original sound output, 2 groups of audio main output with feedback,

Belt and Road chairman audio backup balance input interface

★ Support hardware self-check function, (need computer software to cooperate)

★ Support CAT6 cable transmission, extension cable up to 50M (use special transfer box,)

★ Can be connected with the backup host, to achieve the host double backup,

◆ Built-in DSP adaptive audio processor, which can suppress the sound input as much as possible

◆ Built-in noise canceller can effectively eliminate local noise

Standard and safe power supply design 220V AC power supply, the machine adopts high-power annular transformer, sufficient power

◆ In addition to meeting the requirements of the machine, it can also be used in the discussion unit. Its output voltage is 24V DC power supply, which belongs to the safe voltage range to ensure the safety of the participants

Product parameters:

■ Power supply: AC100~240V50/60Hz

■ Power consumption standard: lt; 200W

■ Frequency response 20--25000Hz (+-3dB)

■ SNR > 80dB(A)

■ Dynamic range >; 90dB

■ Total harmonic distortion less than 0.1%AT1KHz

■ channel crosstalk >; 80dB

■ Display 67* 27MMLCD display

■ Ambient temperature and humidity requirements -20 ~ 60℃/0-95%(no condensation)

■ Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 480*320*88 (mm)

S weight 5.15 Kg


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