Paperless Conference Control Host VS-2000M

Paperless Conference Control Host VS-2000M1.19 "standard rack type server cabinet installation, size does not exceed 19" standard cabinet 4U height; Hardware configuration: industrial-grade

Paperless Conference Control Host VS-2000M

1.19 "standard rack type server cabinet installation, size does not exceed 19" standard cabinet 4U height; Hardware configuration: industrial-grade motherboard, CPU processor frequency of 3.2GHz or above, intelligent acceleration frequency of 3.4GHz, three-level cache of 6MB bus specification of 5Gt /s multi-core computing, four cores and four threads; Memory capacity of 4GB or above, hard disk capacity of 1T sata3.5-inch hard disk;

2. Support multi-meeting room management function, and manage 256 meeting rooms at the same time, each meeting room has 256 conference terminals; Support meeting rooms to hold meetings separately or multiple meeting rooms to hold meetings at the same time.

3. Support multi-conference preset function, can upload multiple conference documents and materials at the same time, one button to start the meeting, the meeting documents and materials will be automatically sent to each conference terminal according to the pre-meeting Settings;

4. Supports modular setting of client functions, modular selection of terminal functions on the server, and automatic addition and shielding of conference function modules at the terminal;

5. Participants in support of this conference will input their names and passwords through the conference software running at their workstations, and then upload the conference documents according to the conference topics, which will be automatically collected by the control software and automatically pushed to each conference terminal after the beginning of the conference;

6. Support the function of meeting template. Frequent meetings, such as weekly meetings, can be saved as meeting template, including fixed information such as participants' information, meeting theme and meeting logo;

7. Support the preparation before the meeting (setting up the chairman machine and representative machine, adding participants, setting up the welcome speech, setting up the theme of the meeting, arranging the seats of participants, uploading the meeting materials and setting the file permissions, adding voting and selecting participants);

8. In-session control (support for sign-in, intelligent document distribution, interactive presentation with the conference screen, display of external signals to the terminal, large screen on any screen of the terminal, conference service, conference voting, conference communication, interactive electronic whiteboard), post-meeting saving function;

9. Support client access mode, Web access mode, support administrator login, participants login, support participants to preview the conference materials before the meeting, support online editing and annotation of the conference materials and online upload and update, support historical conference data retrieval and archiving;

10. Support multiple administrators and super administrators. Meetings created by different administrators are confidential to each other, and super administrators have the authority to manage all meetings;

11. Support the release of conference theme information, the release of sign-in information results, the release of voting results, and the display and prompt of the current and upcoming topics in the list of topics;

12. Support network unified control of the lift system all up and down or separately, control terminal unified startup or separately startup and shutdown.


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