One Drag four UHF meeting A-8840

One Drag four UHF meeting A-8840※ UHF ultra-high frequency band, less interference than traditional VHF band, more reliable transmission;※DQPSK digital modulation, in the frequency range of 60MHz, at

One Drag four UHF meeting A-8840

※ UHF ultra-high frequency band, less interference than traditional VHF band, more reliable transmission;

※DQPSK digital modulation, in the frequency range of 60MHz, at 300KHz channel interval, provides up to 200 channels to choose from. Conveniently realize multiple sets of machines stacked at the same time, easy to avoid all kinds of interference;

※ Using random unique ID digital modulation and transmission technology, completely avoid using FM modulation of traditional wireless conference microphone system by the risk of off-site eavesdropping! Ensure the confidentiality of signal transmission.

※ The receiver adopts DQPSK dual antenna true diversity receiving system. In the normal indoor environment with a radius of 30-60 meters, it completely avoids the possible sound break and noise problems under the traditional analog FM modulation single antenna receiving mode!

※ Digital modulation and high fidelity reception, ensure the audio index of the whole machine is consistent! It will not degrade as the traditional FM modulation mode increases with the transmission distance (the receiving noise, distortion and other indicators of the traditional FM receiving mode will get worse with the increase of the transmission distance!)

※ Whether the receiver or the transmitting base adopts high-definition color LCD TFT display, so that the working status of the receiver and the transmitter can be clear at a glance:

※ TFT display information on the front panel of the receiver includes: channel number of each channel during real-time operation of four channels (A/B/C/D),RF working frequency point, volume series display, real-time display of AF and RF signal strength, real-time display of battery power at the transmitting end of each channel, etc. In the setting menu, the selection of each working channel, working frequency point, channel volume and other important parameters can be easily switched and executed. Fluent UI interface allows the site engineering staff can quickly skilled operation!

※ TFT display information of transmitting base includes: state display of working channel (A/B/C/D), RF frequency point, RF power range display, real-time display of important information such as speech time, AF level and battery power after infrared frequency calibration;

※ System Indicators

Frequency range :600-660/620-690/640-700/...... /880-940/900-960MHz, a total of 16 optional working bands

Modulation mode: DQPSK

RF working bandwidth: 60MHz

Number of channels: 200

Channel interval :300 kHz

Frequency stability :±0.005%

Dynamic range: >; 100dB

Audio response: 60Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

Synthetic SNR:> 106 dB

Combined distortion: ≤0.2%

Operating temperature: -10℃ -+40 ℃

※ Receiver indicators

Receiver mode: DQPSK double antenna receiving

Wireless interface: BNC/50Ω

Maximum output level: +10dBV

※ Transmitter indicators:

Wireless program: the transmitter is equipped with a 1/4 wave whip antenna, and the handheld microphone has a built-in spiral antenna

Output power: high power 10MW; Low power 3 mw

Stray inhibition: -60dB

Power supply: two AA batteries (2800mAh)

Service time: more than 8 hours at 10MW, more than 12 hours at 3MW


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