48V conference microphone A-211

48V conference microphone A-211Delicate and elegant heart - shaped sound - picking head structure design, ergonomic, very modern atmosphereCombined with acoustic space requirements (sensitivity level,

48V conference microphone A-211

Delicate and elegant heart - shaped sound - picking head structure design, ergonomic, very modern atmosphere

Combined with acoustic space requirements (sensitivity level, directivity factor, directivity coefficient) has the patent of the extended microphone pick up head, so that the sound restoration degree is high, to achieve a longer pick up distance.

Designed to enhance sound pickup, conference, television broadcast, professional recording and other high quality requirements of sound pickup applications

A windproof sponge cover is attached to reduce the incidence of unpleasant blowing and other wind noises during speech

Electret capacitor heart - shaped single - directional microphone

Super anti-interference ability of mobile phone

Built-in sound head pre-power supply and amplifier assembly, need external DC 48 V phantom power supply

Built-in high quality low frequency attenuation circuit

Simple and fast installation

Low impedance balanced audio output

Desktop type microphone holder can be used with other 3-pin Kanon microphone device

Technical indicators:

Directivity: Heart - shaped single - direction

Frequency response: 30-2000Hz

High-pass filtering :80Hz,18dB/ Octave

Opening sensitivity :-39dB(11.2mV) to 1V at 1Pa

Output impedance :250 ohms

Maximum sound pressure :139dB,1kHz at 1%T.H.D

Dynamic Rotation (typical):115dB,1kHz at Max sound pressure

Signal to noise ratio :70dB,1kHz at 1Pa

Phantom power supply: DC 48V

Output Connector: Built-in 3-pin Kannon head

Accessories: Windproof sponge cover / 10m parallel lines


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