Infrared transmitter VS-600M

Infrared simultaneous interpretation systemInfrared transmitter VS-600MAutomatic level control, with translation tableHigh confidentiality, eliminate external malicious interference and eavesdropping.

Infrared simultaneous interpretation system

Infrared transmitter VS-600M

Automatic level control, with translation table

High confidentiality, eliminate external malicious interference and eavesdropping.

Suitable for small, medium to large international conference hall or outdoor venue.

With automatic level control function (ALC).

Super anti - jamming ability, not by lighting and wireless communication equipment interference.

The simple and fast connection reduces the difficulty of the project and reduces the cost of the project.

The most advanced phase-locked loop technology is adopted.

With multiple groups of audio output channel can be used for recording.

With multiple groups of voice input channels, it can simultaneously modulate and transmit up to 6 languages.

The unique test function of the host machine can produce a variety of information of different frequencies corresponding to the number of languages, which is convenient for system debugging.

With input level indicator function, can directly display the input level size.

Infrared radiation panel VS-600H

Powerful launch, hand in hand connection

Super launch capability, up to 30 m (25W) and

20 meters (15W).

Multichannel channels use the same transmitting cell.

It has two transmitting powers (15W/25W). According to the

The venue area is selected and set.

Can be mounted (with universal support) or with triangular support

An installation.

Half value Angle of emission: ±22 degrees.

Infrared receiving unit VS-600D

LCD display channel, power, signal

Light-weight receiving unit, combined with earphones, makes users feel more relaxed and comfortable.

5+1 channel language selection.

Each channel to listen to each other interference, button - type selection.

The volume can be adjusted freely.

The operation is simple and easy to carry.

The appearance design is delicate and smooth, in line with ergonomics.

The power supply of receiving unit adopts rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for up to 40 hours.

Exquisite sling, can hang the receiving unit on the chest, can also be placed in the jacket pocket.

Within the effective range of infrared emission, the number of receiving units can be increased without limitation.

Not restricted by the seats in the venue, you can walk freely within the signal transmitting range.

Interpreter machine VS - 600 - e

12 channel double translation function

Frequency effect: 100Hz-13KHz

Sensitivity: -44dB± 2dB

Reference speaking distance: 20-120cm

New numerical control design.

Can use earmuff type earphone to monitor speech.

It has the function of personal volume adjustment and automatic suppression of howling.

With the same channel interlock function, to ensure the channel and language between the one - to - one correspondence.

With anti-cough function, when the translator coughs, can prevent the sound of cough.

When a speaker is speaking too fast, you can press the request button (Slow) to ask the speaker to SLOW down

Speechspeed (when used with the VS-600 conference host).

Can be used in conjunction with the connection of infrared language distribution system.

Simultaneous interpretation of 6 languages (including acoustic channel)

Infrared unit charging box VS-600C

40 receiving units can be charged at the same time, full power indicator, the charging time is about 2-3 hours, switching power supply: AC110V/220V 50HZ self-adaptive


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