8 in 8 out audio processor

8 in 8 out audio processor (with ANC+AEC) MAP0808AProduct Description:8 analog audio input 8 analog audio output, support microphone input and line input free switchWith AEC echo cancellation function

8 in 8 out audio processor (with ANC+AEC) MAP0808A

Product Description:

8 analog audio input 8 analog audio output, support microphone input and line input free switch

With AEC echo cancellation function and ANC noise cancellation function, suitable for interactive recording and teleconference occasions

Each microphone input with 9 levels of sensitivity adjustment

★ Each input with 48V magic power switch

★ Each input with feedback suppression function switch, two speed adjustment

★ With AUTOMIX automatic mixing and matrix mixing function

★ 31 PEQ input adjustable, 10 PEQ output adjustable

★ With video tracking control function, support most of the domestic and foreign camera control protocols

★USB drive free automatic connection software, in addition to support RS232 control

★ Support mobile APP TCON software network control

★ Support touch screen line control

Technical parameters:

1. DSP chip:

Signal processing: 32-bit fixed DSP 300MHz

Audio system latency: lt; 1ms

Digital to analog conversion :24-bit

2. Analog audio input and output:

Input channel: 8 balanced input. Mic/line level

Audio interface: 3.81mm Phoenix plug, 12-pin

Input impedance: 11.5KΩ

Maximum input level: 12dBu/Line, -7dBu/Mic

Phantom Power: +48VDC, 6.5mA, per channel configuration

Output channel: 8 balanced output, line level

Output impedance: 150Ω

3. Audio indicators:

Frequency response curve: 20Hz-20kHz(+-0.5dB)/ LINE

20 hz - 20 KHZ (+ 1.5 dB)/Mic

THD + N: - 90 db (@ 12 is A 1 KHZ, A - wt)/Line


Signal-to-noise ratio: 105dB(@12dBu,1kHz, a-wt)/Line


4. Connection and display:

USB: Micro-B type, no drive

RS232: Serial Port Communication

TCP/IP port: RJ-45

Indicator light: POWER, LINK, +48V, I/O audio signal

5. Electrical and physical parameters

Power supply range: AC100V-- 240V 50/60 Hz

Size: 44 mmx483mmx210mm

Net weight: 2.8 kg

Operating temperature: -20℃--80℃


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