Digital pre-effector

数字前级效果器 X5• 具有音箱处理器功能的卡拉OK效果器,各部分功能可独立调节。• 采用2Bit数据总线和32Bit DSP。• 音乐设有7段参量均衡。音乐到主输出高通滤波器:12dB/24dB(0Hz - 303Hz)• 话筒设有15段参量均衡。有麦克风压限功能。• 主输出设有5段参量均衡。 有压缩限幅器。• 中置输出,后置输出及超低均设有3段参量均衡。• 麦克风有4种反馈抑制模式:OFF

Digital pre-effector X5

• Karaoke effector with speaker processor function, each part function can be adjusted independently.

• Adopt 2Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP.

• The music is balanced with 7 pieces of parameters. Music to main output high-pass filter: 12dB/24dB(0Hz-303Hz)

• The microphone has 15-segment parameter equalization. There is a mike air pressure limit function.

• The main output has a 5-segment parameter balance. There is a compression limiter.

• Medium output, rear output and ultra-low are all equipped with 3 stages of parameter equalization.

• The microphone has 4 feedback suppression modes: OFF 1, 2, 3.

• Can store up to 16 modes.

• Microphone output, main output, middle output, ultra-low output, rear output are equipped with voltage limit and delay function.

• There is an administrator mode and a user mode. The user mode cannot be stored after adjusting the parameters.

• The machine has a full-featured menu, which can be set through a powerful PC interface.


• Equilibrium of musical parameters :7 pieces

• Music to main output high-pass filter: 12dB/24dB(0Hz-303Hz)

The microphone

• There are four microphone FBE modes: OFF 1, 2, 3

• With Mack air pressure limit function

• 15-segment microphone parameters are balanced

The effect


• Echo low-pass filter: 5.99Hz - 20.6kHz

• Echo high-pass filter: 0Hz-1000Hz

• Equalization of echo parameters: 3 stages

• Echo level: 0 ~ 100%

• Echo direct sound level: 0 ~ 100%

• Pre-delay of echo: 0 ~ 500ms

• Echo right channel pre-delay: 0 ~ ±50%, (relative to the left channel)


• Adjustable range of reverberation low-pass filter: 5.99Hz-20.6KHz

• Adjustable range of reverberation high-pass filter: 0Hz-1000Hz

• Reverb level adjustable range: 0 ~ 100%

• Reverb direct sound adjustable range: 0 ~ 100%


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