IP Network Speaker EV-9010E

IP网络音箱 EV-9010E产品简介:1、一体化壁挂式设计,2.0有源音箱系统,精致美观,工艺考究,安装方便。2、内置嵌入式网络语音解码模块,支持跨交换机、路由器、互联网连接功能。3、内置 1路线路输入,1路话筒输入,可自定义设定本地、网络音频的优先级等级。4、内置高效数字功放,能共提供更好的音质和顺滑的声音。5、内嵌 HTTP 网页服务器,可通过 PC 软件或 HTTP 修改设备网络参数,支

IP Network Speaker EV-9010E

Product Description:

1. Integrated wall-mounted design, 2.0 active speaker system, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite technology, convenient installation.

2, Built-in embedded network voice decoding module, support cross-switch, router, Internet connection function.

3, Built-in 1 route input, 1 microphone input, can be custom set local, network audio priority level.

4, Built-in high efficiency digital power amplifier, can provide better sound quality and smooth sound.

5, embedded HTTP web server, can be modified by PC software or HTTP equipment network parameters, support network remote upgrade.

6, With the intelligent power management function, the equipment uses the built-in CPU to judge the power amplifier running state, in the non-working state of the power amplifier automatically into the sleep state, standby power ≤0.2W.

7, a multi-purpose, make full use of campus network resources, avoid repeated erection of lines, Ethernet interface can be accessed, truly realize the broadcast, computer network of multi-network integration.

Technical parameters

1. Network interface: standard RJ45 input

2. Transmission rate: 100Mbps

Support protocols: TCP/IP, UDP

4. Audio format: MP3

5. Audio mode: 16-bit CD quality

6. Sampling rate: 8KHz ~ 48KHz

7. AUX input sensitivity: 350mV (non-balanced)

8. Frequency response: 80Hz ~ 16KHz +1/-3dB

9. Harmonic distortion: ≤1%

10. Signal-to-noise ratio: > 65dB

11. Power consumption: ≤50W

12. Power: 2*20W

12. Protection circuit: overload and short circuit protection circuit

13. Working environment temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃

14. Working environment humidity: 20% ~ 80% relative humidity, no condensation


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