IP cloud intelligent platform

IP云端智慧广播操作平台 EV-9000M1、智慧广播软件是一款应用于 Android 系统的 APP,是服务器系统软件的扩展应用软件;2、接入方便,操作便捷。可以通过 WIFI/4G 网络接入广播系统,进行点播、喊话等,相比红外遥控、电脑客户端,大大减小了方向、地域和空间的限制;3、支持用户权限管理:智慧广播软件必须用户登录后才能使用,客户可以通过服务器软件分别对每个用户设定权限,指定可以控制

IP cloud intelligent platform EV-9000M

1. Smart Broadcast Software is an APP applied to the Android system and an extension of the server system software;

2. Convenient access and convenient operation. It can access the broadcast system through WIFI/4G network for on-demand broadcast and propaganda, etc. Compared with infrared remote control and computer client, it greatly reduces the restrictions of direction, region and space.

3. Support user rights management: the intelligent broadcast software can only be used after the user logs in. The client can set the rights for each user and specify the terminal that can be controlled through the server software. Support multiple users to log in at the same time, the user with high authority can interrupt the task of the user with low authority;

4. Support real-time viewing of terminal status: users can view the playback status and connection status of terminals within all permissions in real time;

5, support real-time speech: users can arbitrarily to one or more terminals specified within the authority for real-time propaganda;

6, support program on demand: users can point the music on the server to any one or more terminals within the authority, for playback;

7, support text broadcast: users can directly edit text or broadcast on the mobile phone TXT document to any one or more terminals with TTS module within the authority, broadcast;

8. Shortcut key running tasks: the client can set the shortcut key tasks for each user through the server software, and up to 32 kinds of shortcut key tasks can be set.

9. One-button emergency alarm function.


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